Showroom Video!

We have so much material in our showroom here at the shop that lots of it never makes it onto the website.

There are so many beautiful pieces that we decided to post a video of the showroom on our homepage. We should have done this a long time ago. Just click on the link below to view the video.

The video is 38 minutes long and shows a very good sampling of the gorgeous stones and stone varieties that we have that are not in our web-store.

If you see anything in which you have interest or regarding which you would like more information please just drop me an email at

I would be happy to send you a photo gallery of any piece or pieces with measurements, weights and prices.

Please forgive the few misspeaks in my narration. I had to do the video five times to get the phone to accept the size of the video file and I was getting a little tired.

We hope that you enjoy watching the show.

Our Kathi’s Krystals Showroom

Don’t Worry — Be Happy!

We have just finished adding 309 new Worry Stones to the webstore! We now have 38 varieties of Worry Stones which is, well, just crazy.

These new stones cover 22 mineral varieties, and fully one/half of these are varieties that we have never had before.

It took loading almost 2,000 photographs to do these Worry Stones justice, and we are thrilled to have these new beauties up and running for your enjoyment and consideration.

Starting with the 11 types of Worry Stones that are new for us, we have:


These have to be the most exciting of the bunch.

One of the most thrilling finds in Tucson 2019! We had never before seen Worry Stones made of Amber.

These Worry Stones were produced from Amber that formed during the Eocene period in what is now Indonesia. The Eocene period occurred from approximately 60 million to 40 million years ago!

We hand selected each one of these amazing stones.

This Amber is quite different from that with which most people are familiar. The material has a relatively dark appearance when just sitting in one’s hand, but when a bright light is placed behind the stones they show just gorgeous colors and patterns.

I use a small very bright flashlight when showing them to clients here in the shop, and our visitors are just amazed by the show.

The stones are very light and have a great polish… so much so that they feel almost slippery. I was very grateful to not drop one of them while taking the pictures out in the sunlight.

It is hard to imagine how this Amber, which formed tens of millions of years ago, found its way to our shop in the form of these amazing Worry Stones.

We hope that you enjoy looking at these beauties, and if you happen to select one we are sure that it will be a piece that you will look at and admire for many years to come.

p.s. Just as a tease, we also acquired Palm Stones made from this same Amber and will be listing them as soon as we can. Please just ask if you would like to see a selection of those.

Egyptian Zebra Jasper

We found these stones for the first time this summer in Denver.

Never having heard of Egyptian Zebra Jasper, we were amazed to find these incredible Worry Stones. They have a great polish, wonderful feel and beautiful patterns.

These are an absolute MUST!

We are hoping to see more of this material in different forms in the coming years..

Green Moss Agate

Another first for us this summer are these Green Moss Agate Worry Stones.

They are just loaded with beautiful moss and have great color, patterns and translucence.

Chevron Amethyst

These are a great new addition to our Worry Stone collection.

We found these for the first time this summer here in Denver.

These stones have beautiful patterns, and if you hold them in front of a bright light or flashlight they display very pretty purple translucence.

Dalmatian Jasper

First time for us are these awesome Dalmatian Jasper Worry Stones.

These all have a great polish and feel.

Just a suggestion here… If you happen to know a firefighter, he or she might just love to have one of these gorgeous stones to carry around considering that it is really hard to get a big dog into one’s pocket.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate is one of the most popular Agates, yet we have never found nice Worry Stones of this material until this summer.

These stones are from Mexico and we do not have many.

K-2 (Ketonite)

We have not had K-2 (Ketonite) Worry Stones in the store ever before.

These come from Pakistan, from near the base of the 2nd highest mountain (K2) in the world.

The blue spots are Azurite, and if there is green in a stone that is Malachite and is much less common among K-2 stones.

Stone number 5 is particularly fascinating because the Malachite markings appear to be rings rather than spots. We have never seen this before in a K-2 stone.


Another first-timer.

One of the coolest things about these stones is that in front of a bright light or flashlight they have beautiful translucence.

Smoky Quartz

These are all good sized and have that classic Worry Stone shape.

Green Aventurine

Although a fairly common variety, we had never before found Green Aventurine Worry Stones.

The Aventurine has a very nice feel and the stones have pretty translucence in front of a bright light.

Blue Goldstone

We have had Goldstone in the past, but never the oxymoronic Blue Goldstone

Goldstone is a man-made item. In theory the technique for making this glass-based “stone” was developed by the Monks in the 1600s.


Now, the great new additions to existing categories:


It has become almost impossible to find Amethyst Worry Stones and Palm Stones, and the price of all Amethyst has gone way up.

We found these at a show here in Denver this summer.

Most of these Worry Stones have a very small natural imperfection or two, but these are the nicest of the bunch (we are keeping the rest of them here for sale at the shop).

We made sure that the thumb surface is nice and comfortable with all of the ones listed.


Seven very nice new listings. These are really good quality pieces.

Blue Tiger Eye

We added lots of wonderful new Blue Tigers. These are larger and with the classic Worry Stone shape, and have great chatoyance.


There are now 16 new listings of this extremely popular stone. Many of these have very unusual patterns and/or colors.. there are even a couple of gray ones which we have not seen before.


More than 10 new listings of beautiful darker blue Worry Stones. As I say on the website… these are just sodaliteful!

Clear Quartz

These pretty much speak for themselves.

Red Tiger Eye

10+ new additions with wonderful chatoyance.

Rose Quartz

Many new listings, and the last five on the page are really special. They are larger with beautiful color, and have that great classic Worry Stone Shape.


It is always hard to find Unakite Worries with a great polish. We have added eight new wonderful stones.

Multi-Tiger Eye

We now have a dozen new listings, and not only are they all that great 2 inch by 1.6 inch size, they are simply gorgeous!


There are 14 new additions on the page. All of these new ones have that same great 2 inch by 1.6 inch size.

If you are ever craving frustration, spend an afternoon photographing Goldstone and you will get your fill.


That’s it for now. We hope that you enjoy looking at many of the new Worry Stones, and find some that you just cannot live without.

New Tucson Tumbled Stones and More

Hi everyone. It has been quite some time since I have added to this blog because we have been very busy at the shop.

I made it to Tucson again with Derek and we had a week of crazy hectic shopping. We brought home some amazing stones, and have just added some of the new Tumbled Stones to the website.


Since the last blog post/newsletter we added some amazing Pietersite tumbled that we acquired in Tucson last year.

Specifically, these are larger tumbled Pietersite than we have had in the past and we have listed 10 sets of 21 stones each (sets numbers 9 – 18 on the page).

We purchased these stones directly from the owner of the only Pietersite mine which is in Namibia in Africa.

I spent an entire afternoon hand-selecting each stone in every one of these groups, and the resulting sets are just awesome.

If you have never seen Pietersite in person, this highly prized mineral will just amaze you!

From this year’s Tucson trip we have added the follow three pages of Tumbled Stones:

Natural Citrine

These are absolutely natural Citrine stones from Africa.

We were thrilled to find these for the first time at the 2018 Tucson Show, and gobbled up every bag of high quality material that we could find. These stones have been one of the most popular items here at the shop, and we were almost out of them before leaving for Tucson this year (2019).

We got to this particular dealer one week before his show officially started, and he had already been selling for a day. That represents how difficult shopping in Tucson has become. The dealers start selling earlier and earlier, which means that we have to get to Tucson earlier and earlier.

This year, we actually left Tucson the morning that the first of the numerous shows officially opened. We had already finished our eight days of hectic buying.

Anyway, again the dealer had several bags of natural Citrine and we grabbed all of the best ones – about 10 pounds of stones in total.

This Citrine is sourced from several countries in Africa, and all of the hand-selected sets on this page contain either A grade or AA grade stones, or a combination of the two.

If you have never seen natural Citrine, these beauties are a must. Those familiar with the material know how difficult and expensive it is to obtain.

We hope that you enjoy looking at these stones, and have the ability to acquire some for your collection.

Yellow Apatite

What an amazing find at the 2019 Tucson Show!

These are Yellow Apatite stones from Mexico, and they are simply stunning.

We acquired 100 grams of natural crystals of this material a few years back at a show here in Denver, but this was the first time that we have ever seen tumbled Yellow Apatite. We brought home two pounds of the material.

Some people refer to this as Green Apatite, but the stones are definitely much more yellow than green, and boy are they GEMMY!

Kathi took some pieces to use for her incredible pendants, but all of the stones listed are definitely jewelry worthy.

The clarity and sparkle in these beauties is just amazing, and we think that you will absolutely be thrilled if you are fortunate enough to have any of these Apatites show up in your mailbox.

There are usually a handful of OMG moments in Tucson, and finding these was one of those moments. We bought one pricey bag, and a few days later went back and bought another. The time to buy it is when you see it really rings true in the mineral world.

Thanks much for taking the time to look at these wonders of nature’s art.


We have added 13 new sets of tumbled Tanzanite stones, and one single large tumbled specimen.

All of the stones are gemmy with nice translucence, and exhibit wonderful shades of blue, purple, and a little bit of green.

Coming Attractions

Other amazing stones that we picked up in Tucson include:

Pink Amethyst

This amazing new material was number one on my gotta-find list for this year’s Tucson trip.

These amazing geodes are from the Choique mine in Patagonia Argentina, and are full of pink to red colored quartz crystals. The stones have been given the name Pink Amethyst.

The color is definitely not the same as Rose Quartz, and there is tremendous variety in color across the geodes. The color can range from light pink to blood red, and we even wound up with one lavender specimen.

Even more amazing is that lots of the geodes also contain clear to white Calcite crystals as well as Black crystals. We have been told that these are Calcite as well, but having never before seen black Calcite we are still a little bit on the fence about these.

Anyway, we picked up five flats of these geodes and plan to get several of the stones, many in matching pairs, up on the website. If you would like to see photos of these geodes in the meantime, please just ask.

Amber Palm Stones and Worry Stones

These incredible Amber stones come from Indonesia are from the Eocene period which lasted from about 60 to 40 million years ago.

Derek and I hand-picked 75 of each stone shape from the hundreds of pieces available.

We did this selecting using flashlights because the Amber at first appears to be a fairly dark color but has amazing colors and patterns hiding within. The colors range from yellow to orange to blood red, and many of the stones exhibit more than one color of translucence.

We cannot wait to get some of these beautiful Amber specimens listed on the site. Again, photos available upon request.


We had not been able to find any hgih quality Chrysocolla Palm stones for about 10 years. I finally learned the reason why this time in Tucson.

We visited one Peruvian dealer who had stones that I just could not believe I was seeing at first glance… amazing colosr and polish.

He explained that there is a woman in Peru who has one million pounds of this material, and is looking to sell it all in one lot. Of course, this seems like a difficult to accomplish task.

Anyway, this dealer had a limited supply of these stones and we bought 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of them.

That seems like a lot, but as soon as I got home I realized that we should have bought twice as much… this is still a hard lesson to learn after all of these years.

This find was one of the most exciting of the Tucson trip.


The Seraphinite mine in Russia has been thought to be basically exhausted for several years.

I was amazed to learn that our favorite Russian dealer (husband and wife) was going to have a very limited supply of new Palm Stones at one of the largest and busiest shows in Tucson.

If we had not just by luck run into their daughters at a separate location and learned about these stones, we would not even have gone to this other hectic, crowded, and generally overpriced jewelry show.

We got to the dealer just a couple of minutes after the doors opened, and already half of their small bin of offerings had been gobbled up by one buyer. He just dumped half of the bin into his buying bin.

Derek and I looked through all the rest of the stones and picked out 83 incredible specimens. I would say that these are AA or AAA grade stones.

More to come

That’s if for now. We hope that you enjoy looking at the new Tumbled Stones, and we will get more and more new listings up just as quickly as we can.


54 New Palm Stones with Videos!

We have just added four varieties of Palm Stones, all of which have tremendous shimmer, flash, or chatoyance.

Because of the amazing visual characteristics of the stones, we have included a video of every single one.

The stones are:


We had never seen Larvikite Palm Stones until Tucson 2018.

Larvikite is a stunning mineral that comes from near the town of Larvik in Norway… hence the name.

Sometimes confused with Labradorite, the stone has amazing blue/silver flash. As with Labradorite, this flash is the result of what is known as the Schiller Effect.

We made a wonderful new dealer friend from whom we acquired these gorgeous stones, and hope to see him over the coming years in Tucson.

Fuchsite with Green Mica

These sold like crazy when we first got them in 2016, and the website has been out-of-stock for well over a year.

I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time in Tucson in 2017 and picked 20 more wonderful Palm Stones.

The sparkle in these pieces is just breathtaking, and even though not inexpensive they are well worth the investment. The last one in the list is really something to behold and really should be in our display case.


Always very difficult to get in good quality, we have added a small assortment (all we have) to the store, and hope to find more this coming weekend if we are lucky.


We had been out of Stilbite Palm Stones for several years until we finally were able to hand select an entire flat of them from the only dealer we have ever known to have them.

The listings are very clean with gorgeous shimmer, and these Zeolites have a lot of bang for the buck.


Beautiful New Palm Stones

Well, Derek took me to Tucson again this winter and we came home with some amazing mineral specimens. I am still sorting and processing these, but Kathi and I did finally find the time to put up some wonderful stones that we acquired in Denver last year.

The new additions cover five varieties of simply beautiful Palm Stones, including some minerals that are very hard to come by.

Bumble Bee Jasper

We had to sneak into a wholesale show three days early in order to acquire these amazing soap shaped stones from Indonesia. If we had waited until the show officially opened they would have been gone.

These are the nicest Bumble Bee Palm Stones that we have seen. The colors, patterns, polish and workmanship are simply outstanding. We got the best of the best that the dealer had to offer, and now we have them available to our online Kathi’s Krystals family.


We had been out of Eudialyte stones for years, and were thrilled to find these incredible Russian specimens last fall.

The color in these beauties is just awesome, and a few of the stones have wonderful shimmer.

We never know when or if we will run across this rare and amazing stone, so my advice is to get while the getting is good.

Blue Aragonite

We had been out of these hard to find Palm Stones for years as well.

I picked out over 100 of these last summer, and pulled the best pieces to add to the website. The Stones have beautiful translucence, and they are the cleanest Blue Aragonite pieces that we have ever had.


Also known as Pinolith, this mineral comes only from Austria, and displays a rare mixture of Dolomite, Graphite and Magnesite. The small white flecks in the grey/black matrix look like pine kernels or little seeds, and the literal translation of Pinolite means “pine stone”.

These are fascinating, affordable, and a must for any rock lover.

Snowflake Obsidian

Surprisingly, we have never before had Snowflake Obsidian Palm Stones in the store.

All of the new soap shaped stones have a wonderful polish and and all of that wonderful snow against the jet black background.


That’s it for now. We will wading our way through all of the new Tucson wonders and promise to have some great surprises for you in the weeks and months ahead.

700 New Tumbled Stone Selections

We have just added 700 new Tumbled Stone items to the store! The new selections cover 65 varieties of minerals, including 19 varieties of Tumbled that we are able to offer for the very first time.

Adding Tumbled Stones to the website is, by far, the most difficult and time-consuming task we have in terms of stocking the store.

I started this project on May 1 of this year, and finally handed off over 3,000 photos to Kathi on October 1.

My part of the job entails:

Pulling what I consider to be harmonious sets of stones,

Numbering and listing on paper all of the sets for Kathi’s future use,

Measuring and weighing the stones in each set,

Pricing the selections,

Photographing each set of stones, and

Cropping all of the photos (this is mind-numbing work).

This is the single largest addition of Tumbled Stones that we have ever undertaken, and the process was overwhelming for me to be sure.

Kathi then takes all of the information and photos that I provide to her and methodically, over months in this case due to her being able to do only a little work on a day here and a day there because of her medical situation, adds the information and pictures to the website.

The various programs that she uses for making the website as amazing as it is turned those 3,000 pictures into 7,000 pictures in total… thumbnail photos, gallery photos, and lightbox photos (the big ones) for all of the 700 sets.

We firmly believe that the result of these efforts offers our clients an opportunity for perusing and selecting stones that is unmatched anywhere on The Internet (Where else could one find 32 sets of Tumbled Emerald Stones from which to choose?).

Without further ado and starting with the first time ever varieties, we have:


One of the most beautiful minerals from Russia, this likely will be the last as well at the first time that we have these amazing stones. The Seraphinite mine is apparently either dead or close to dead, which explains the scarcity of this material on the market.

Named after the highest order of angels (The Seraphim), to many the white chatoyant material in Seraphinite reminds them of the lacy look of angels’ wings.

We recommend that these stones be very near the top of your shopping list.


Also from Russia, we were amazed to find these beauties. We have seen these for sale only this one time, and we bought all that the dealer had available.

Fancy Shattuckute

The blue color in these stones from The Congo is just incredible.

Mexican Blue Opal

Speaking of blue, the color in these unusual stones is really stunning.

Spider Obsidian.

Staying with the blue theme, the combination of dark blue and light blue glass in these highly polished natural stones from Jalisco, Mexico makes for quite a show.

There are lots and lots of varieties of Obsidian, and Spider is one of those with which many people are not familiar. These are worth a serious look.

Nigerian Kunzite

This unusual variety of Kunzite is opaque, with a beautiful Lavender color and really nice shimmer.


From Austria, this natural combination of Dolomite and Magnesite shows a beautiful color contrast of black/gray and white. The white Magnesite kernels in the mineral are thought by some to resemble pine nuts, thus leading to the stone’s name.

The stones are very clean with a nice polish, and these would make a nice gift for any rock enthusiast.

Bumble Bee Jasper

This Indonesian mineral has to be one of the most unusually colored materials out there. The combination of bright orange with black, green, gray, or even sometimes white, results in a stone which is hard to ignore. As production from the mine has progressed in recent years, different patterns and color combinations are beginning to appear on the market.


We do not have much of this very hard to find mineral from The Congo. The tumbled stones are somewhat rougher in texture than we would normally look for, but having seen these available only one time from one dealer, we are grateful to have what we have. On the other side of the scale, the coloring in these stones is really gorgeous.


Another one of our hard to find mineral varieties, these mostly clear crystal-like pieces are named after Danbury Connecticut, where the stone was first discovered.


We had never seen tumbled Petalite prior to finding these stones in Tucson. The mineral is known for its pink color and occasional shimmer.

Wavy Turquoise

As the name implies, these relatively flat pieces of Turquoise have an undulating surface. They have very nice color, and clients here at the shop have been purchasing them for wrapping.


Another hard to find one, these Nigerian stones have beautiful shades of green and glow like crazy under long-wave UV light.

Eye Carnelian

These Carnelian stones have what look like little white eyes in/on them. Inexpensive and fun, these guys are just too cool for school (Millennials please ignore).

Prehnite with Epidote

We used to sell these stones for years on ebay, and they were very popular.

Very pretty green with dark Epidote inclusions, we are now offering them for the first time on the website. These specimens are very attractive and unusually clean for this mineral variety.

Mixed Fluorite

Although we have had Mixed Fluorite stones on the site for years, we have not had ones like these.

These pieces are primarily yellow with a variety of other gorgeous colors mixed in.  If for no other reason, visit the link just so you can see the beautiful pictures… I love photographing these beauties.

Yellow Fluorite

Although not unusual, we have never before had solid Yellow Fluorite in the store. Now we do.

Yellow Opal

Staying with the yellow theme, we have added 16 sets of wonderful translucent Yellow Opal stones. These are beautiful, unusual, and well worth a good look for any Opal fan.

Yellow Sapphire

Completing our yellow parade are really unusual Yellow Sapphire stones from Sri Lanka. These are very difficult to find, and would make a nice pairing with our Blue Sapphires from India.

Now on to restocks or additions to existing listings:

Apache Tears

Sixteen beautiful new specimens.


Getting harder and harder to obtain, we have listed 16 new listings of this wonderful mineral from Peru.


I could kick myself for not buying more of this material when it was available several years ago. The 16 new listings of these Baltic Amber stones have come close to emptying our inventory.


Always a favorite, these 16 new listings will hopefully last a little while on the site.

Dogtooth Amethyst

These incredible stones have to be one of our biggest sleepers.

Locked away in German for 20 years, this material made its way to our favorite South African dealer, and then to us. The quality of the Amethyst is extremely high, and the form of the stones, with the clear tooth point, is just amazing.

If you have never looked at these rare beauties, please do. The bang for the buck with these specimens is as good as it gets.

Chevron Anethyst

We have a very hard time getting high quality Chevron Amethyst Tumbled. We found 4 very nice sets and they are now up on the website.


We were out of stock in the store, but now have 32 new listings of these amazing stones.


These combos of Hematite and colorful Jasper have good bang for the buck.


If you like shimmer, Hypersthene should be on your list.


We have added 8 more sets of our very popular Siberian Jade.


It is getting increasingly difficult to get very high quality small Labradorite stones. We have added 9 new sets, and hopefully Elka will have more for us in Tucson.


Is there anyone who doesn’t like Malachite? We are back to having a full page of listings.


Boy this stuff is hard to get! These smaller stones, which are a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, are really special.


We added two more sets of our beautiful and unusual hand polished flat stones.


A stranger to many rock lovers, this Bronze colored mineral has yellow/gold colored shimmer or sparkle.


We have added the last of our large Chrysocolla tumbled, and have not seen any in Tucson for several years. I plan to search high and low for more this winter.


Several new sets, including a handful of more natural specimens.


These are among our very most popular offerings. This AA grade material will be among the first to go of all of the new additions.


Nice new darker colored stones.

Blue Fluorite

Very hard to get in good quality, even with the new additions we have very few of these listings.

Green Fluorite

Exact same comments as with the Blue variety.

Ocean Jasper

We have not been able to obtain any old-stock material for two years now, and the small amount that we have left will probably be it.

This is Dodo Bird stuff, and if you don’t spring for it soon, chances are you will not ever have the opportunity. Almost everything being offered online as Ocean Jasper is, well, basically garbage, and lots of it is not even Ocean Jasper at all.


We have a few new listings to round out the page.


There is now fake Larimar on the market, so be careful!

We have lots of nice sets to choose among, and these are all the real deal from the Dominican Republic.

Tourmaline Mix

We have added 9 awesome selections of very high quality mixed color Tourmaline stones.

Mexican Compito Turquoise

These smaller stones have outstanding color.


Hand-picked one by one in the blazing sun in Tucson, we just love being able to bring stones of this nature to our clients. There are now 14 new selections on the site.

Preseli Bluestone (Stonehenge Stone)

From the hills in Wales, this is the exact same material from which Stonehenge was built. We have added 25 more listings of this historic stone.


We added the last of our inventory. Whereas Pyrite is a very ubiquitous material, it is very hard to find in tumbled form.


Six new sets of this high-demand mineral are up on the site. Getting lots more very high quality Pietersite will be at the top of my shopping list in Tucson… I will just have to find the gentleman who owns the one and only mine.

Pink Morganite

This is a hard stone to find, and we have added the best of our remaining inventory.

Pink Opal

We have added more sets of the AA grade smaller stones, and also sets of larger stones of a somewhat lesser grade.


Several new selections of these gorgeous AAA stones.

Yellow Prehnite

These AA grade gemmy cousins of the green beauties came to us from Australia.


It just gets increasingly difficult to get high quality specimens of this incredible mineral from Argentina. Our favorite Rhodo dealer passed away recently, and our thoughts and prayers are with Odi and his family.

Rhodochrosite Otez

We are running low on this unusual variant of Rhodochrosite that we have seen for sale only one time.

Ruby in Granite

We have been told that this material is very close to being mined out. The two sets of tumbled that we have added is the last of our inventory of Tumbled. If you are a Ruby fan, I highly recommend taking a look at these wonderful stones while there still are any to be had.

Ruby in Fuchsite

Over the years we have purchased our tumbled RF from only one dealer, Dr. Arvind Bhale. We were told recently that he experienced very serious medical complications resulting from a fall. He was not at the shows in Tucson and Denver, and we sure hope that we have the pleasure of visiting with him again.

He has always had the highest quality Ruby in Fuchsite, and we fortunately still have a decent supply in inventory. We added 13 new sets to the store.

Ruby in Zoisite

This mineral and the above are often confused by both sellers and buyers. RZ is more valuable and harder to find in really high quality.

We had only one new set of stones to add this time, and I will definitely be looking for more of this material in Tucson.


We have added 16 sets of a combination of AA and AAA grade stones. This material has become almost prohibitively expensive… up to $500 per pound wholesale.


There are 16 new sets of this very popular mineral now in the store.


The store has been completely restocked with these extremely high quality small Sunstones… a real must see in person.

Schorl (Black Tourmaline)

I think that more clients here at the shop ask for Schorl than for any other stone, and now the website is fully restocked.

American Turquoise

We have added 14 new selections of these unusual stones from a Copper mine in New Mexico.


There are 5 listings of nicely polished larger Lepidolite stones.


For some reason, we have never had Tumbled Moonstones on the site before. We now have 10 sets of nice multi-colored stones.


That’s it! We hope that you enjoy looking at all of the beautiful new stones. As always, if you have any questions or comments, just holler.

Tucson 2017 Additions

My 2017 Tucson trip yielded some of the best finds in several years!

We have just added about 250 stones from the show, which is really only a small portion of the material that came home to Boulder.

I had two items at the top of my wish list, and was thrilled to come home with both.

Number 1 was Pietersite Palm Stones

Many years ago we were able to acquire Pietersite Palm Stones, but have not seen any available for at least 5 years. We have since come to learn that the rough material for these stones most likely came from a mine in the Hunan province of China…. a mine which apparently stopped producing years ago.

I looked all over Tucson for Pietersite with no luck. I had just about given up hope, and then we ran into the owners of the only producing mine in the world. The mine is in Namibia, Africa, and the material is just incredible.

The dealer did not have Pam Stones, per se, but did have bags of the most gorgeous tumbled Pietersite that I have ever seen. He had it in sizes from small to extra-large.

I spent a couple of hours looking through the kilo bags of extra-large tumbled, and realized that many of the stones could easily serve as Palm Stones for the store.

I bought three kilograms of the beauties, and already wish that I had purchased much more seeing how these have sold like crazy here at the shop.

We have listed 35 of the very best out of the over 300+ stones in the pile, and suggest that those interested take a look sooner rather than later. We expect that these rare and exquisite specimens will move rather quickly.

Many of the ones listed would make gorgeous pendants, and we have sold many already to buyers with just that purpose in mind.

Number 2 on the list was Blue Lace Agate Palm Stones

Almost 10 years ago we picked up a few kilos of the most gorgeous Blue Lace Agate Palm Stones imaginable, expecting that they would last us for a very long time.

Well, I guess that they did, but not long enough. We ran out of these in the last year or two, and had not seen any similar pieces available since our original purchase.

Amazingly, when I walked into the tent of the same dealer from whom we got the stones almost a decade ago, there she had a few bags of AA grade stones that had just been put out for sale.

I gobbled up 5 kilograms of the stones, and I think that they might be even nicer than the original ones, and those were drop dead gorgeous.

I came home with about 320 of them, and picked out 32 of the very best to put on the website. I cannot adequately communicate how wonderful these stones are. These Palm Stones certainly are no less than jewelry grade, and would make beautiful pendants for those of you who are into wrapping stones.

Other great Palm Stone finds include:

Green Turquoise Slices

We have added 42 gorgeous Green Turquoise flat Palm Stones from Mexico.

These have very nice patterns and polish, and would also make great jewelry pieces.

Zebra Jasper

For the first time ever we have Zebra Jasper Palm Stones.

These hard to find black and white soap-shaped stones have a great polish and feel great in the hand. They were fairly pricey, but well with it.


After being out of these for years, we finally found some very nice soap-shaped Palm Stones.

Dendritic Agate

From Madagascar, these pebble-type Palm Stones are just filled with dendrites; one of my most favorite mineral formations. Two of these listed have gorgeous crystals pockets.

Indonesian Coral

These soap-shaped fossilized coral Palms are just gorgeous with all of the little circles where the Coral polyps lived. They have a geat polish.


For the first time we got some large soap-shaped Palm Stones of this very popular mineral.

These stones show really fascinating crystalization under a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loupe.

Ruby in Fuchsite

These smaller Palms are really pretty and contain real Ruby which glows bright red under long-wave UV light. Lots of them show traces of blue Kyanite as well.

Ruby in Kyanite

A few of the above stones were really Ruby in mostly or only Kyanite, so we have listed them separately. It is not unusual to find Kyanite (blue) in Ruby in Fuchsite stones

Silver Sheen Obsidian

One of our most popular items, we had been out of these for quite some time. Silver Sheen looks like black glass until held under a light. Then it looks like the most beautiful starry night that one has ever seen.

We get all of our large soap-shaped Obsidian Palm Stones from one dealer. He has the highest and most reliable quality specimens, and Derek and I went to his booth six times to make sure that we got there when he was first ready to sell. I bought 50 of his 60 stones in different varieties.

Spider Obsidian

From the same dealer, and for the first time, we now have awesome soap-shaped Spider obsidian Palm Stones.

Spider Obsidian is a mixture of very dark blue and light blue glass, with the lighter blue color often running around in the stone in a spiderweb type pattern.

A main difference in this form of fancy obsidian is that the pattern, as with Mahogany Obsidian, is plainly visible in just ambient light.

Velvet Obsidian

Again from the same dealer, these amazing stones display gorgeous colors and movement when the stone is shifted around under a bright light source. I photographed them under 2 100 watt equivalent daylight spectrum bulbs.

The dealer had only 4 of these worth buying, and we have added all of them to the Velvet page.

Ruby in Fuchsite Worry Stones

We have never had these before. As with the Palm Stones, the real Ruby glows like crazy under long-wave UV light.

What’s next?

Now, onto a massive reload and addition of Tumbled Stones. I expect that this project will take us to close into the fall.

Back from Tucson

Derek and I survived the Tucson battle!

We had six days of shopping from early morning to early evening, and came home with lots and lots of new treasures.

Among the new arrivals are:

AA grade Blue Lace Agate Palm Stones. For the first time in about 8 years, we found beautiful BLA stones. These are a little smaller than the ones that we acquired years ago, but just as gorgeous. I grabbed five kilos of these the minute that I saw them.

Pietersite! We were very lucky to find the owner of the only producing Pietersite mine. He had bags of outstanding tumbled stones, and a few of these bags were filled with extra-large stones. While not flat and symmetrical like most Palm Stones, we will be listing many of these in this category simply because they are so wonderful and so large.

Fifty more Olivine slabs

Awesome Agate and Amethyst spheres.

Beautiful tumbled Wavy Turquoise.

Lots and lots of wonderful Hearts.

29 of the most beautiful shimmering Amazonite Palms that I have ever seen.

We got first crack at the dealer who has the most beautiful large soap-shaped Obsidian stones. I bought 50 of his 60 offerings, including Gold Sheen, Silver Sheen, Spider, and Velvet varieties.

Rough Sulfer (as yellow as yellow can get), rough Green Tourmaline in White Quartz, a couple of awesome Smokey Quartz pieces, lots more Moldavite, and on and on.

We will slowly be adding these newbies to the store. In the meantime, if you would like photos of any of the above, or would like to know if we picked up something that you are hoping to find, please just ask.


The current plan is to add a limited number of new Palm Stone varieties, and then move on to restocking and adding lots of Tumbled Stones.

Tucson Show is Coming

Well, it is almost that time again.

I will be headed to Tucson in three weeks to buy at the biggest rock, mineral, gem and jewelry show in the world. If you are not familiar with the event, you might enjoy the Tucson Photo Essay that we have on our website. I think that we are the only people who have ever presented such a piece

This year will be a little different and sad for me.

Kathi’s chronic pain condition has gotten so bad that she will not be able to go to the show. I am not able to drive due to visual impairment, and Kathi has always taken us in the past, even though over the last few years it became almost an impossible effort for her

We would have to take an extra rest day in Santa Fe so that Kathi could spend the day sleeping in order to be able to make the rest of the drive. Then, most often at the shows I would have to do almost all of the buying myself while Kathi either rested at the hotel or tried to sleep in the car.

It has finally become beyond Kathi’s ability to do Tucson, and I will miss having her there with me, as going to the Tucson Show is as much a tradition for us as any other event in our lives.

Fortunately, our elder daughter’s boyfriend has very generously offered to take time off of work and spend ten days with me on the road.

We love Derek to death, and this will be his first time experiencing anything like Tucson. He has been studying up, and I expect that the two of us will have a very interesting and fun time.

Kathi and I could not be more grateful for him stepping in to help us keep our passion going, and someday he just might wind up keeping the family business living on.

If there is anything special that you would like me to look for for you in Arizona, please let me know. I usually do lots of special shopping for clients, and looking for requested items always adds to the adventure of the experience.

178 New Worry Stones

We have just finished adding 178 new Worry Stones to the store.

Worry Stones, in general, are the red-headed stepchildren of the mineral world. Manufacturers most often take the worst of the worst material and turn it into Worry Stones. One can often walk into a tourist rock shop and find a basket of them selling for only a few dollars apiece.

We know of only about three dealers who offer Worry Stones which meet our quality standards, and every stone on the site has been hand-picked by Kathi or me.

The newly added ones are, except in one case, all restocks of existing categories, several of which had been empty for quite some time due to the difficult nature of finding quality pieces.

The additions cover 21 of the 28 varieties that we offer, as follows:


We had not been able to get any new Lapis Worries for a few years. This was due primarily to China importing and holding onto as much rough Lapis as possible. This situation seems to be loosening up some as a result of the downturn in the Chinese economy. We have listed 17, and hope to find more in Tucson in a couple of months.


Also out-of-stock for quite some time, we now have 10 nice ones available. Just a precaution for those who may not be aware…any Howlite offered in the market that is any color other than white with the gray inclusions has been dyed.

Snowflake Obsidian

Always a favorite. We now have a bunch.


We have never had these before, and have only 6 available.


Difficult to find, which is why we have only 7 in the store.

Blue Tiger Eye

These are among the hardest to find in any quality above terrible.

We are lucky to have 9 very nice ones listed now.


We had been OOS on these as well. They generally are very popular and our inventory is limited to only 8 pieces.

The other 14 restocks include:

Arfvedsonite, Bowenite, Carnelian, Goldstone, Brecciated Jasper, Lepidolite, Mookaite, Black Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Golden Tiger Eye, Multi-Tiger Eye, and Red Tiger Eye.

We hope that you enjoy the new listings, and we will be on the lookout for more beauties in Tucson.