Ebay Listings

Tonight we listed 149 auctions on ebay, including the gorgeous Iris Agate with our first rock video.

The auctions will close on the evening of December 6.

Here is the link to our ebay store.

Iris Agate Video

I have made my debut on YouTube!

For the first time we are adding a video to an ebay auction. The following link shows a beautiful piece of Iris Agate that we plan to have up with our ebay listings starting on the evening of Friday the 29th.

Iris Agate Video

The Jack & Queen of Hearts

Over the last two weeks, Kathi and I have been sorting, measuring, weighing, photographing, cropping, and finally, today, adding 206 polished stone hearts to the website!

We wanted to get these up before the holidays because, even though thought of more commonly regarding Valentine’s Day, hearts make great Christmas gifts… either as special givings or stocking stuffers.

We were really thrilled to find almost all of these hearts at the Fall Denver Show, where we hand picked about 300 of them.

We picked up many varieties that we have never had, and in some cases never even seen, before. The quality of these hearts is outstanding, and the breadth and depth of the offerings is just incredible.

Almost all of the new listings are “puffy” hearts, but a few are thinner, so be sure to check out the measurements and pictures carefully.

The new hearts cover 25 different varieties, and the highlights are:

  • Tiger Iron

One of the biggest surprises, these are just amazing. Tiger Iron is the combination of Hematite, Red Jasper, and Golden Tiger Eye. The quality of Tiger Iron varies tremendously, but these are just super.  The pictures say it all. They are a must see.

  • Picasso Marble

Also a huge surprise was this selection of beautiful stones. Never before had em, never before seen em, and really excited to have them on the site.

  •  Rainbow Fluorite

For those of you familiar with our Worry Stones, these hearts come from the same dealer from whom we get the amazing Fluorite Worry Stones. The quality of these somewhat thinner hearts is just great, and the colors and patterns are beautiful.

  • Mookaite

From Australia, this stone is often full of holes and cracks… not these hearts. Mookaite (or Mook Jasper) is one of our favorite stones, and these hearts are no exception. I personally love the one that is red on one side and yellow on the other.

  • Brecciated Jasper

There are some fantastic stones in this group, with all sorts of crazy patterns.

  •  Picture Jasper

We have never before seen anything close to the nature of these beauties. Of particular note is that many of these hearts are full of dendrites. These are really special and unusual.

  •  Black Onyx

When we first saw these we thought that they were Obsidian, but the cool white splash in the last one in the group gives away the truth. Again, very unusual.

  •  Unakite

One of the best finds, these hearts are really clean and have a great polish. The colors and patterns are fantastic and my recommendation would be to get one or more of these early.

  • Carnelian

Because these hearts are so puffy, they look fairly dark in ambient light, but as can be seen in the outdoor pictures, the colors are gorgeous with the sunlight shining through.

  • Landscape Jasper

These are a little smaller and thinner, but have great colors and patterns. The group, as a whole, shows a nice representation of this very popular stone from Madagascar.

  • Clear Quartz

Hard to find clean, these hearts are unusual for their quality. Further, some of them have beautiful rainbow sparkle. I never pass up the opportunity to photograph that great show.

  • Amethyst Cluster

We made a special purchase of three of these beauties. One sold almost immediately here in person, and we have these two remaining. Made for Amethyst lovers.

  • Snowflake Obsidian

Hard to get with good snow, these are really nice. There are some blizzards in there.

  • Others…

Other additions include Sodalite, Orange Calcite, Hematite, Regular and Blue Goldstone (manmade but a favorite – especially of the younger crowd), Blue Calcite, Howlite, Rhodonite, lots of Rose Quartz and two special Lavender Quartz offerings, Green Aventurine, and the awesome shimmering Amazonite.

We hope that you enjoy looking at the hearts and, as always, if you have any questions please don’t be shy.

Brown Dwarfs Might Be The Prettiest Stars

We came home from the fall Denver show with a flat of amazing Aragonite Star Crystal Clusters, and just got them loaded onto our Kathi’s Krystals website.

These incredible crystals come from Morocco, and are simply gorgeous. The formations are fascinating, and the combination of beauty and structure makes for specimens that are just plain hard to put down.

For those of you into Astronomy, there even are a couple of binary formations in the offerings.

We highly recommend giving one of these little stars a place in your universe.

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Over the last two days Kathi and I managed to add 78 new Worry Stones to the site.

Worry Stones are sort of the redheaded stepchild of the mineral world.  The vast majority are produced for mass selling in tourist type shops, and generally produced from very low grade material to be sold for a few dollars apiece.

Kathi and I could not view Worries more differently.  We follow the same quality standards that we use for all of the stones that we purchase, and that makes buying them quite a chore because there just are not that many high quality Worry Stones available.  When we find them we scoop them up, but that means that we go through periods when we don’t have as many selections as we wish that we did.

The new offerings are in the following 13 varieties, including three brand new ones for us.

The new categories are:


We found great ones for the first time ever and are really excited to have them! They all have sparkle, and are really wonderful stones.


There are only 5 of these, but they are just beautiful and we expect that they will not last long. We recommend taking a look at these soon if you are at all interested.

Brecciated Jasper

There are some amazingly beautiful and interesting stones in this group.

The categories where we have added new stones include:


Black Obsidian


Clear Quartz



Rainbow Fluorite

I am highlighting these simply because the quality and beauty are so outstanding. They are exceptional specimens.

Tiger Eye


Rose Quartz

We hope that you enjoy looking at the new additions.

Just Added

We are cranking away as fast as we can to get new stones up on the site.

We have just added or updated the following four groups:

Ocean Jasper Drusy

These are one of our favorites. From Madagascar, these display pieces are a combination of Ocean Jasper and gorgeous Quartz crystals.

We had been out of these for a couple of years, and were thrilled to find some top quality ones at the Denver show. Each piece was hand picked, and we would be happy to have any one of them in our personal collection.


From the Czech Republic, these tektites are just amazing. They sold very quickly the last time that we were able to get some, and we finally have a new supply. Resulting from a meteorite impact, these are about as unusual as minerals can get.


The website was down to only a few very large specimens, but now it is restocked with several smaller pieces, both regular palm stones and the soap-shaped variety.

Peacock Ore

We have added several new pieces, including some smaller but extremely beautiful specimens.

Save For Later Wish List

We recently added a very helpful feature to the Kathi’s Krystals website.

Once you are logged into the site, you can now mark any item as “Save for Later”.  If so marked, the item will show up underneath any items currently included in your shopping cart. It is like a “Wish List” of items that you hope to purchase in the future.

You can then, at any time in the future (as long as that item has not been bought by someone else), easily move the item into your shopping cart by clicking on the big black upward arrow to the left of the saved item.

Similarly, you can move any item in your shopping cart into the Save for Later category by clicking on the big black downward arrow to the left of that item which is in your cart.

This feature allows you to store several items in your shopping cart, but purchase only a subset of those items at some point by moving the ones that you hope to pay for in the future into the Saved category.

Thanks to Marcie for suggesting that we look into adding this capability!