We Are Back!

Hi to everyone.

Those of you who follow Kathi’s and my doings probably have been wondering why I disappeared from this Blog.

Here is why:

On the day before New Year’s Eve I was struck down with a completely obstructed intestine. I ended up spending the entire month of January in our local hospital where I underwent 3 surgeries and survived a massive infection.

Kathi was there with me virtually 24/7, and watched over me like a hawk. Many patients who wind up suffering with what I did never make it home. I am one lucky person, and without Kathi’s loving care and attention during the ordeal, I may not have made it home either.

Anyway, This experience has completely wiped out both of us. I have a long recovery ahead (I lost 30 pounds that I could not afford to lose) and Kathi is still recovering from the stress of the entire ordeal.

From a rock standpoint, the saddest thing is that we had to cancel our trip to the Tucson Show, and that was heartbreaking for us.

We have, however, kept selling.. Strangely, we have experienced more business in the last two months than at any time in our history; so much so that we have barely been able to keep up with it.

The downside of that is that many stone varieties on the website are running low or showing as none available, and we have not yet had the ability to be replenishing all of this stock.

We expect to start the task of adding hundreds of stones to the website fairly soon, but we will be moving fairly slowly as we both continue through the recovery process.

In the meantime, if you are trying to buy a stone variety that is showing as either unavailable or in very limited supply on the website, the chances are very high that we have more in inventory.  If you send an email I will be happy to photograph some specimens for your consideration.

Finally, to all of our clients/friends who have been aware of what Kathi and I have been going through and have offered amazing support and understanding, we offer our sincere thanks. Your kind words, patience with order deliveries, and overall encouragement have shown us, once again, that rock people are very special people.