July’s New Additions

Hi again.

We have just added over 100 new Palm Stones in 14 varieties:


It is getting harder and harder to acquire clean Labradorite stones with nice flash, and our selection had become pretty thin. The 14 new additions have very bright color and we have listed them with very reasonable prices considering the current state of the market.


As with all of our Palm Stones, these 6 new additions were hand selected by Kathi and myself.

 Fossil Stone (Shell Jasper)

The supplier from whom we used to get these very unusual stones stopped selling them because the material requires too much hand polishing. We still had some in inventory but our supply is running low. The 10 new beauties are worth a serious look.


Always one of our most popular items. These are among the most difficult stones for us to select because Selenite is so soft the we have to look through 100 stones just to find a few that do not have scratches or rough spots. The 4 new ones, as always, are as clean as we can find.


From Russia with love, the 5 new specimens of this highly prized stone all have great chatoyance.

  Blue Tigereye

We had been sold out of these hard to get stones. The 9 new additions are beautiful examples of this gorgeous stone that is also referred to as Hawk Eye.


This variety of Tigereye has a combination of both the Gold and Blue versions, and is one of our favorite stones. The 11 new selections are all beautiful.

Red Tigereye

Although heat treated, this variant of Tigereye is just stunning.


We love the different shades of blue and the gorgeous patterns in these stones.

Rose Quartz

Always a favorite.

Green Aventurine

These soap shaped stones are hard to get. The 4 new ones represent our entire stock.


We were really fortunate to find these a few years back, and the 5 new additions leave us with only a few left in the bin. These are an absolute must for any collector or practitioner.

Pink Calcite

Also known as Manganoan Calcite, this beautiful stone glows incredibly brightly under ultraviolet light. The orange/red/purple colors are just amazing.


We always seem to run low on these, so the 7 new ones bring us back to having a nice selection.