October 2014 New Palm Stones

We just added some great new Palm Stone listings.

K2 Stone

The most exciting of the new additions are our K2 Palm Stones. Named after the second highest mountain in the world, the deposit of this mineral is located near the base of K2.

Kathi made a few gorgeous pendants using some K2 cabs that we bought last year, but this fall was the first time that we have seen K2 Palm Stones.

The mineral consists of a Granite matrix with scattered spots of Blue Azurite. These spots are actually stains in the stone rather than inclusions, and this unusual characteristic helps to make this material both incredible as well as beautiful. It is not to be missed.

Montana Agate

Montana Agate is known for having dendrites and other unusual inclusions, and these stones show a nice variety of what can be found in this beautiful material.


We don’t have many of these beauties left, and added 5 more to the selection. These are on our list of Palms that we worry about not being able to find again in this shape and quality.

Black Lace Obsidian

From Russia, these stones must be seen to be believed. Lying in a flat on the dealer’s table these stones look rather unassuming, and most buyers just walk on by. The trick is to hold them up so that the light shines through and that is when the magic happens. We get to pick the best of the best because so few buyers are aware of the hidden beauty.



We had been out of these hard to get stones for quite awhile, and were thrilled to find them this fall in Denver.

If you have never seen a piece of nice Scolecite, it is a stone that should go on your wish list.

The best specimens have a beautiful shimmer that is very unique in nature. We don’t see these often and listed each one that we hand-picked.


We expanded out selection of this wonderful Jade material. These stones are very reasonably priced and we don’t have many of the nicely translucent ones remaining.

Mozambique Agate

Always very unique, Mozambique Agate is a perpetual surprise.

The specimens that we just added are far different from the ones that we have had in the past, and don’t tell anyone, but we just acquired 100 more pieces that are different still, and will be listing them as soon as we can.


One of the biggest surprises over the last few years has been the limited availability of nice Amethyst stones.

Our supply had dwindled to almost nothing, and we were very happy to find a small selection of very nice Palm Stones this fall.

The new additions have great color and are very clean. We didn’t bring home a big supply, and have listed about half of them for now. These probably will not last long.