Tucson Coming Attractions

Kathi and I were happy to be able to make it to Tucson this year after missing out last year due to my severe illness. We were on the road for 12 days this time, and came home with lots of wonderful treasures.

Many things about Tucson are usually a crapshoot, and this year was no different.

Due to the long ongoing strike/slowdown at the docks in Los Angeles, many dealers’ containers arrived later than expected, so we did not get to see everything that we would have hoped to, but it still was a hectic, sometimes chaotic, and tiring but rewarding experience.

Among the things that we will be listing from our Tucson trip are…


We have mentioned for years the one Madagascar dealer who has had a large supply of very old stock Ocean Jasper. She has finally processed about all of the material, and told us that this year would be the last when they would have their normally incredibly high quality items made from this amazing mineral that was the rage of the mineral world in the mid- to late 90s until the mine was depleted.

We came home with over 100 incredible palm stones and are eager to get them sorted, priced, and listed in the store.

From this same dealer we also got a small number of gorgeous Red Hematoid Quartz Pebbles, some beautiful soap shaped Chalcedony stones in many different colors, and more of the ever popular Black Moonstone Palms.

From a different dealer from Madagascar we acquired some amazing Peach Moonston Palm Stones with tons and tons of shimmer. This gentleman also provided us with a few Kilos of very nice Aragonite stones, most of which are translucent in nature.

Other new Palm Stones include Rainforest Rhyolite, Garnet, Yellow Aventurine and White Jade soap shaped stones, and 10 amazing White Quartz stones with Green Tourmaline inclusions.

For the first time we got a bag full of Malachite stones that are as close to Palms as we have been able to find in 8 years.

Shungite for the first time….

…and we upped our stock of Emerald and Crazy Lace stones.

Tumbled Stones

We came home with a large list of incredible tumbled stones, including:

Dumortierite, Ruby Zoisite, Hematite, Pink Tourmaline in a Lepidolite Matrix, Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian, Golden Feldspar, Rhodonite,

Crazy Lace Agate, K2 Stone with both Azurite and Malachite spots, Botswana Agate, Petrified Wood, Blue Chalcedony, incredible Tourmalinated and Rutilated Quartz, Blue Topaz and Silver Topaz, Charoite, Turritella Agate,

Amazing Pyrite in Quartz, Dendritic Agate, Tree Agate, Mugglestone (Tiger Jasper), beautiful dark Citrine, and absolutely outstanding Leopardskin Rhyolite.


Ocean Jasper beauties from the same dealer mentioned above, both Peach and Black Moonstone with great shimmer, and Smokey Quartz for the first time.

Worry Stones

As mentioned in my previous post, we have already listed our amazing new Arfvedsonite Worry Stones and some nice new Multi Tiger Eyes.  We also came home with some gorgeous Golden Tiger Eye and Red Tiger Eye Worries.

We will be working over the next few months to get these treasures up on the site. In the meantime, if you have a particular interest in anything that I have mentioned, please don’t hesitate to ask for more information or some photos.

New Worry Stones

We have just added 75 new Worry Stones to the listings.


Maybe the most exciting of these are 10 Arfvedsonite Worry Stones. We had never seen these before and were really surprised when we found them at this year’s just ended Tucson show.

These stones from Russia have gorgeous needle-like flash and are often mistakenly thought to be Astrophyllite or sold as Blue Astrophyllite.

We were one of the first sellers to correctly market this mineral to the public in the form of Palm Stones, and now we are thrilled to have Worries as well.


Our listings of these amazing stones had become quite sparse, and we just added 20 new stones to the site..

As far as we know, we are the only seller in the country offering these incredible Worry Stones, and our original supply of 150 is now down to less than one-third of that number.

I had to use my backup camera for these additions because my tried and true Nikon SLR is in California getting repaired for the third time (I have taken well over 200,000 photos with it). The backup’s flash made the pictures of the stones in my hand come out too reflective, primarily because the stones have such a high polish.

Brecciated Jasper

These are always very popular, and now there are more from which to choose.


It is surprisingly hard to find nice Carnelian Worry Stones, and we are glad to be able to offer some nice new specimens.

Rainbow Fluorite

We were down to just a couple of these left in the store, and just added 17 new ones.

The gallery pictures of these stones were taken with the stone on a light box because that gives the most accurate representation of what the stone looks like when you hold it up and look at light coming through it. The other pictures that look darker were taken with a flash with the stone sitting on a piece of white card stock.

We were disappointed that the dealer from whom we get these stones did not have his usual quality available in Tucson this year, and our supply of the super ones is running low.

Multi-Tiger Eye

This variety is among the most difficult for us to find, and even harder to find in high quality pieces.

All of the ones that we just added are very beautiful.

Red Tiger Eye

The new stones have very nice color and a whole lot of chatoyance.


As I always say, these stones are sodelightful.

The new ones have nice color and pattern, and are very affordable for the quality.

New Tumbled Stones

We just got back from Tucson 2015, and we are in rock chaos as usual after getting back from the show, with boxes and bags of stones everywhere.

Before adding these amazing brand new stones, we are catching up on getting the website restocked with some old favorites, and adding some new items from earlier shows here in Denver. It is almost impossible to keep up with it all.

I will be writing a “Coming Attractions” post soon about all of the beautiful treasures that came home with us from Arizona.

We have just added the following tumbled stones to the site:


The store had been out of this gorgeous and very popular mineral. We have added 6 new groups of stones.


The site had also run out of these amazing stones. We added more selections, but they seem to sell almost as soon as we list them. We did come home with lots more, so they will always be here for the asking.


From Peru, this incredible blue mineral is hard to get (we had to get on a waiting list the last time that we purchased these).

The new selections include one stone that has a large Pyrite inclusion.


A while back, we were lucky to acquire some gorgeous smaller tumbled flat stones in a few varieties. Sardonyx was one of these and we have added several groups of 5 of these pretty stones from India.


Also among these smaller flat stones are some just gorgeous specimens of Fluorite. We have them in sets of Green, Blue, Rainbow, and Mixed colors. These are a must see.


The final variety that we have in these flat stones is Apatite. They have a very nice color and are listed toward the bottom of the Apatite page so be sure to look for them.


For the first time we have tumbled Stilbite.

These stones are just amazing with great shimmer. There are 13 groups of them for your choosing.


This Russian material that seems to get more expensive everyday is one of our favorites.

We have added 4 new groups to list list of options.

Pink Morganite

We have restocked this very difficult to get beautiful pink crystal.


We almost never carry tumbled Lapis because the quality is usually quite poor.

We have listed 3 sets of beautiful hand polished stones and have priced them at just a little bit over what we paid for them because they were so expensive.


Always a favorite, we have restocked sets of 15 of these gorgeous purple wonders.


We have added some sets of somewhat larger stones to the list of offerings.

Ruby Fuchsite

We buy our RF from the dealer who has superior quality compared to all of his competitors. These stones have real Ruby inclusions that glow an amazing bright red under UV light. We still have a lot in inventory, but out understanding is that the Ruby Fuchsite mine in India has been depleted.

Watch for updates soon about new additions and coming attractions.