New Tumbled Stones

We just completed adding tumbled stones in 9 different varieties to the store. All of these stones came from our trip to Tucson last winter.

The new additions include:


This is the first time that we have had Carnelian tumbled. They have great color and come in sets of 15 stones.

Leopardskin Rhyolite/Jasper

Also for the first time we found tumbled Leopardskin. The stones have gorgeous colors and patterns, and the sets of 11 stones each are really really nice.

Tourmalinated Quartz

We had not had these for several years, and were really happy to find them this year. They come in sets of 5, and are very reasonably priced for they quality.

Rutilated Quartz

We had also been out of these for several years (they are very hard to find).

Some of the stones are filled with golden rutiles, and the others with red rutiles.

If you have never seen Rutilated Quartz, these are a must. The sets of 3. 5, and 7 stones represent a nice variety of size and color options.

Pyrite in Quartz

These are maybe the most interesting stones among the new group.

We acquire almost all of our tumbled from a company which is located in South Africa. These stones come from there and one of the brothers who runs the show explained to us that this material looks just like that which comes out of the actual Gold Mines.

The various sets of 5 stones each are gorgeous, unusual, and a great bargain.


Another first for us is beautiful Amazonite stones.

Many of these have nice shimmer and the color is wonderful. We have listed them in 9-stone sets.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace is one of our favorite stones, and it is always hard to find clean material in any size.

We were very fortunate on our trip to find some really nice tumbled in two different size groups.

The stones are classic in appearance, with the smaller stones listed in sets of 7 and the larger ones offered mostly in groups of 3 stones each.

Botswana Agate

We have had Botswana tumbled on the site for many years, but this year we found some incredible stones that are smaller than what we have carried in the past.

We added these beauties in sets of 9 to the existing page, so now you have two options for acquiring, what we think, is one of the most beautiful fortification Agates.

Silver Topaz

We had never seen Silver Topaz tumbled available until this year in Tucaon.

The 9-stone sets are just gorgeous. The stones range from completely clear to ones have small yellow inclusions, and we are really happy to be able to offer them in the store.

And coming next…

We still have about 20 Tumbled Stone varieties to get to, but we are going to change course for a little while.

We recently attended The International New Age Trade Show here in Denver and came home with some wonderful Palm Stones. These include Rainbow Moonstone, Sunstone, Blue Aragonite and Nephrite beauties, and we will be adding these soon.

Most exciting, however, is that we have been sitting on some incredible Iris Agate stones that we acquired two years ago. They are quite difficult to show is photos, but as of today Kathi has added video capability to the website. This feature will greatly enhance our ability to show you some of the most beautiful stones in the world in a new way, and these Iris Agates will be the first test. We cannot wait to get them up and running!