Amazing New Stones

We are really excited to let you know about the following new additions to our Kathi’s Krystals website.

Iris Agate – WITH VIDEOS!

We had the amazing good fortune, almost two years ago, to acquire some absolutely amazing Iris Agate specimens. These are smaller pieces of tumbled Iris Agate which is very unusual in itself.

Iris Agate is a very unique and highly sought after Agate variety which exhibits a beautiful display of spectral colors somewhat similar in appearance to that seen when light passes through a prism.

Technically, the Agate consists of what is known as a diffraction grating. When the Agate is held in front of, but slightly off to the side of or below, a bright light source, all the colors of the rainbow appear in the stone.

In order to best show off these stones, we have, for the first time, added videos to the site! If you have never had the privilege of seeing Iris Agate, we think that you will find these videos to be well worth the watching.

We will be adding videos to all new listings where we think that doing so will represent a significant addition beyond our standard still photos.

Rainbow Moonstone

We had been out of Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stones for several years, and were absolutely thrilled to find some of the nicest, and largest, ones that we have ever had at the summer show here in Denver.

These stones are big, very nicely shaped, and have beautiful colors. We hand-picked the best that the dealer had to offer, and are really glad to have this wonderful variety of Moonstone available again for our clients.


Nephrite Jade is a gorgeous stone, and this summer we found a small number of large soap-shaped Nephrite Palm Stones.

We added all seven of these wonderful specimens to the site, so that we now have two very different kinds of Nephrite Palms from which to choose.


We also came home with the biggest Sunstone Palm Stones that we have ever had.

These soap-shaped beauties are unusual in both size and form, and have the classic fire for which the stone is named.

Green K-2 Stones

For those not familiar with K-2 Stone, this material made its debut out of Pakistan only a few years ago.

Erroneously referred to as K2 Jasper by many, this stone consists of a granite matrix spotted (normally) with circles of gorgeous blue Azurite.

A small percentage of the Stones have green spots instead of the Blue, with Malachite having stained the granite rather that Azurite.

Azurite and Malachite often form together, and some K-2 stones will have both blue and green spots, and a few of our new ones have that added attraction.

We acquired a large batch of the green spotted stones by special order from Pakistan. Because of a shipping mistake, these stones came to us after a stopover in France, so they truly are world travelers.

K-2, whether Blue or Green, is so highly unusual that it was first thought by many to be a man-made fabrication. It is, however, completely natural, and comes from the Karakoram mountain range separating Pakistan and China, and more specifically from near the base of the second highest mountain (K2) in the world.

K-2 is a must for any collector or lover of beautiful and unusual stones.

Blue Aragonite

Almost impossible to find, we had been out of this wonderful stone for several years.

We found a small supply this past summer, and have listed eight really nice Palm Stones to the store.

Blue Aragonite stones are almost never perfect in nature, and some of these Palms have small natural imperfections.

Perfect or not, these stones are hard to find and even harder to find in a quality that meets our standards. We have only these eight hand-picked pieces, so they probably will not be around for long.

Those are the new additions for now.

We are currently working on 360 new pouches of tumbled stones, including many new varieties, and hope to have them ready to go in the not to distant future.