424 New Tumbled Stone Additions

We have just added 424 pouches of new tumbled stones, covering 35 mineral varieties, to the website. The majority of these new additions are stones that we have never had before, so this is a really special addition for us. I will put an * on all of the new varieties and noteworthy additions to existing listings. Also, I will mention those stones that fluoresce under UV light.

In no particular order, here are the new offerings which include 2,994 new stones!


All handpicked by myself and Kathi, these beautiful stones have wonderful translucence, and a simply gorgeous blue color. Tanzanite is a relatively expensive mineral, and finding high quality tumbled stones is a difficult endeavor. We were able to pick enough for 12 sets for the store.

Blue Calcite*


This incredible material is from Argentina, and is very different from the more usual material normally sourced in Madagascar.

Argentinian Blue Calcite is very gemmy in appearance, and, if you have never seen it, it really is a must have. Some of the stones tend to the green side, but those are just as beautiful as well. We have loaded almost one kilogram of these stones into the store, so there are lots of beautiful sets from which to choose.


From South Africa, these really pretty stones are a combination of hematite and red and yellow Jasper. We have listed 10 sets, so you might want to get in early on these.


We are really happy to be able to offer these prized stones for the first time. We have only 6 sets available, but hope to acquire more in Tucson.

Petrified Wood*

The stones in the 10 sets listed are all Arizona wood, one of the most highly sought after varieties of Petrified Wood. Fossil wood from this location is known for its bright colors.

Pink (Manganoan) Calcite*

We have had these stones in our inventory for years, but for some inexplicable reason we have never before listed them on the website.

What makes our Pink Calcite special is that the stones are extremely unusually clean. This material is often characterized by pits, dark spots, and other natural imperfections. If we are not able to pick them by hand, we put all of the lesser quality stones in the tumbled stones bin for the kids.

Of special note is that Manganoan Calcite glows beautifully under both short- and long-wave ultraviolet light. This pale pink stone comes to brilliant life with orange, yellow, red, and purple hues. It is a sight to behold.

Tree Agate*

This white and green Agate is just beautiful and inexpensive. One look and you will know how and why it got its name.


We have listed 10 sets of this highly prized stone. A variety of Spodumene, Kunzite technically refers to only the purple variety of this mineral family, but in the trade all of the various colors are normally sold as Kunzite, so that is how we list them.


The price of Lapis has been going through the roof due to the Chinese importing of this famous and gorgeous stone. Kathi handpicked one pound of new blue beauties, and as one of our favorite dealers said to me, “get em while you can”.

Rhodolite Garnet*

We had never seen these stones until this fall in Denver, and were absolutely amazed!

These are the highest form of Garnet with great color and a gemmy quality. It is hard to photographically show the true beauty of these handpicked wonders, but take my word for it when I say that they are simply awesome.

Dendritic Agate*

Dendritic stones are among my very favorites, and we were really happy to find these in Tucson last winter (yes, it can sometimes take us a year to process and list stones).

Dendrites take the form of tree- or fern-like growths in various minerals, and these Agates show great example of this phenomenon. Usually formed of Manganese, dendrites are one of nature’s amazing wonders.

As an added bonus, these stones glow a gorgeous green color under short-wave UV light.


We have had tumbled Charoite listed on the site, but nothing like what we found in Denver this fall.

The new additions are AAA grade Charoite, and are just incredible, They have gorgeous color and pattern, and most of them have beautiful chatoyance, the most sought after characteristic in Charoite.

I just took another look at these listings, and all that I can add is that these stones are simply exquisite!

Vonsen Blue Jade (Dianite)*

Talk about something special, this variety of Nephrite Jade was mined in Marin County, California.

Even more special is that this stone was a favorite of Princess Diana, hence its common name of Dianite. We see this material being sold at very high prices, likely because of this royal connection, but we are offering it for a very reasonable price considering its relative rarity.


Always a favorite and hard to get, We have added 8 new groups of this beautiful stone to the store. A combination of Amethyst and Citrine, I guarantee that you will just love these stones.


Famous for its beautiful pink color, as is often the case with these stones they have areas of black coloration which is Manganese Oxide.


A very new stone on the market, Cinnabrite is a combination or White Scapolite with spots of red Epidote. The mineral comes from Peru, and is really unusual and pretty.

Cinnabrite also fluoresces a nice pink color under short-wave ultraviolet light.


We have added 6 new set of Sugilite to the store. This much sought after mineral has a gorgeous purple color and many of the stones have an intense orange glow under short-wave UV light.


Very popular in the jewelry trade, Larimar is a relatively expensive mineral that is found in the Dominican Republic.

Although the first known mention of this mineral is from 1916, it was basically rediscovered in 1974 by two gentlemen. The stone is named after the daughter of one of these two individuals (Miguel Mendez) and the Spanish word for sea. Miguel’s daughter was named Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea is Mar.. thus, Larimar.

K-2 Stone

We have been selling palm stones of this incredible material for a few years now, and we have finally been able to add lots of tumbled K-2 to the store.

This stone comes from northern Pakistan near the base of the second highest mountain (K2) in the world.

This mineral consists of a Granite matrix with stains (usually round spots) of Azurite (blue), and less often Malachite (green). We have lots to choose from on the site.

K-2, also known as Ketonite, is very often mistakenly referred to as K-2 Jasper by sellers. The mineral has nothing to do with Jasper, but what often happens in the mineral world is that, early on, a seller will attach an incorrect name to a stone, and that name becomes adopted by the crowd.

If you have never had the privilege of seeing K-2 in person, try to make it a point to do so. It is one of the most unusual stones around: so unusual that when this stone first hit the market it was though to be man-made. Thankfully it is real, and a sight to behold.


We were very fortunate to pick up some very high quality tumbled Iolite this fall in Denver.

These stones are very gemmy and really very special. We have only 6 groups from which to choose, so you might want to put these near the top of your shopping list.


We were almost out of these very popular stones, but now have 9 new sets of very nice tumbled Ruby stones from India.

Turritella Agate

From Wyoming, Turritella Agate contains loads of fossilized sea creatures, mostly snails.

The interesting thing about the name is that the stone was wrongly named for a type of snail that is not known to have occurred in Wyoming.


We have added lots of nice new Garnets to the store. Many of them have very nice fire and the quality is unusually nice for tumbled stones in this variety.

Blue Topaz*

Although we have had Blue Topaz for many years and the stones are very nice, we were blown away by the new ones that we grabbed in Tucson last winter.

There are 14 sets of these newer, very gemmy stones which are just awesome. They have been selling like crazy in person, and now we have them available on the website. These could definitely be used to make jewelry, or would make a great addition to any rock lover’s collection.


For the first time, we found tumbled Hematite at the last year’s Tucson show.

We have 10 sets of them listed for a very reasonable price. For some reason, I find these particularly fun to play with.

Blue Chalcedony*

We were really surprised when we found these stones in Tucson, simply because of how unusual and pretty they are.

The blue color in these stones is very pleasing, and we have 16 sets of them from which to choose.

Crazy Lace Agate

Always a super favorite, we have added 12 new sets of smaller, but very crazy, Crazy Lace Agate.

These come from Mexico, and are one of my very favorite Agates.. I think that I could look at them for hours if I had the time.

Besides being a visual delight in normal viewing, the stones glow with a beautiful green color under short-wave ultraviolet light.


Dumortierite has always been one of our better selling palm stones, and we finally found tumbled last year in Tucson.

We have 16 sets at very reasonable prices for this beautiful blue stone.

Golden Feldspar*

We had never seen this stone until last year in Tucson.

The stones are full of shimmer, and remind us somewhat of Sunstone. The shimmer is more uniform in nature, though, and somewhat different in appearance.

Blue Aragonite

We had been out of stock of this very popular stone for quite some time. It is hard to find, and when we do, many of the stones in the bag do not meet our quality standards and wind up going into the tumbled stones bin.

The best of the bunch are now up in the store, and I will be surprised if they last for very long.


Shungite has a high carbon content and comes from Russia.

This stone is very popular among the metaphysical community, and we are glad that we can now offer it in tumbled form.

Blue Kyanite*

We handpicked these stones from our favorite dealer from India.

We take only the best of the best, so we have only 8 sets available in the store. The stones are very gemmy and just gorgeous. If you are a Kyanite lover, these offerings are a must.


A lot of people have never seen Scolecite and that is a shame.

High quality Scolecite has beautiful shimmer that is hard to describe. These tumbled beauties were handpicked by Kathi, and we are really glad to be able to offer them in the store.

Pink Tourmaline with Lepidolite*

Probably one of the most unusual stones that we have seen, these tumbled rarities are a combination of Pink Tourmaline and Lepidolite.

The stones have a little more character than most of our tumbled stones, but their unusual nature more than makes up for any minor natural imperfections.

Crackled Quartz

This is a man-made stone which, in itself, makes this material a very unusual purchase for us. It is so pretty, however, that we just could not resist.

This is natural Quartz that has been heat treated. When Quartz is heat treated like this, it does one of two things…. it explodes or produces these beautiful pieces.

The stones are just crammed with internal fractures which makes for fantastic sparkle, and sometimes even rainbow sparkle.

The surface of the stones is polished off and is completely smooth so the Quartz has a very nice and natural feel.

If for no other reason, kids love these stones, and that makes having them worthwhile.

That completes the new tumbled stone listings.

Moving forward, we recognize that the store is running low or showing out of stock on many of our palm stones. That does not mean that we do not have them in inventory. It is simply a matter of trying to find the time to get everything up on the website.

Maintaining this beast is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge… by the time we get to one end, it is time to go back to the other end and start again.

The Tucson show is coming up very soon, and once we return from that chaos we will get to work on getting the palm stones fully listed again.

Speaking of Tucson, if you place an order while we are at the show, we will send you an email thanking you and letting you know that we are aware of the order but will not be able to ship it until we return.

We will ship all orders in the order in which they were received, and are very sorry for any delay that you may experience. We hope that you view this as a small price to pay in order to have access to the wide selection of high quality and unique stones that Kathi’s Krystals is known for.

As always, we thank you for your support of our efforts, and look forward to bringing you wonderful mineral treasures for years to come.