Back from Tucson

Derek and I survived the Tucson battle!

We had six days of shopping from early morning to early evening, and came home with lots and lots of new treasures.

Among the new arrivals are:

AA grade Blue Lace Agate Palm Stones. For the first time in about 8 years, we found beautiful BLA stones. These are a little smaller than the ones that we acquired years ago, but just as gorgeous. I grabbed five kilos of these the minute that I saw them.

Pietersite! We were very lucky to find the owner of the only producing Pietersite mine. He had bags of outstanding tumbled stones, and a few of these bags were filled with extra-large stones. While not flat and symmetrical like most Palm Stones, we will be listing many of these in this category simply because they are so wonderful and so large.

Fifty more Olivine slabs

Awesome Agate and Amethyst spheres.

Beautiful tumbled Wavy Turquoise.

Lots and lots of wonderful Hearts.

29 of the most beautiful shimmering Amazonite Palms that I have ever seen.

We got first crack at the dealer who has the most beautiful large soap-shaped Obsidian stones. I bought 50 of his 60 offerings, including Gold Sheen, Silver Sheen, Spider, and Velvet varieties.

Rough Sulfer (as yellow as yellow can get), rough Green Tourmaline in White Quartz, a couple of awesome Smokey Quartz pieces, lots more Moldavite, and on and on.

We will slowly be adding these newbies to the store. In the meantime, if you would like photos of any of the above, or would like to know if we picked up something that you are hoping to find, please just ask.


The current plan is to add a limited number of new Palm Stone varieties, and then move on to restocking and adding lots of Tumbled Stones.

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