Amazing New Stones

We are really excited to let you know about the following new additions to our Kathi’s Krystals website.

Iris Agate – WITH VIDEOS!

We had the amazing good fortune, almost two years ago, to acquire some absolutely amazing Iris Agate specimens. These are smaller pieces of tumbled Iris Agate which is very unusual in itself.

Iris Agate is a very unique and highly sought after Agate variety which exhibits a beautiful display of spectral colors somewhat similar in appearance to that seen when light passes through a prism.

Technically, the Agate consists of what is known as a diffraction grating. When the Agate is held in front of, but slightly off to the side of or below, a bright light source, all the colors of the rainbow appear in the stone.

In order to best show off these stones, we have, for the first time, added videos to the site! If you have never had the privilege of seeing Iris Agate, we think that you will find these videos to be well worth the watching.

We will be adding videos to all new listings where we think that doing so will represent a significant addition beyond our standard still photos.

Rainbow Moonstone

We had been out of Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stones for several years, and were absolutely thrilled to find some of the nicest, and largest, ones that we have ever had at the summer show here in Denver.

These stones are big, very nicely shaped, and have beautiful colors. We hand-picked the best that the dealer had to offer, and are really glad to have this wonderful variety of Moonstone available again for our clients.


Nephrite Jade is a gorgeous stone, and this summer we found a small number of large soap-shaped Nephrite Palm Stones.

We added all seven of these wonderful specimens to the site, so that we now have two very different kinds of Nephrite Palms from which to choose.


We also came home with the biggest Sunstone Palm Stones that we have ever had.

These soap-shaped beauties are unusual in both size and form, and have the classic fire for which the stone is named.

Green K-2 Stones

For those not familiar with K-2 Stone, this material made its debut out of Pakistan only a few years ago.

Erroneously referred to as K2 Jasper by many, this stone consists of a granite matrix spotted (normally) with circles of gorgeous blue Azurite.

A small percentage of the Stones have green spots instead of the Blue, with Malachite having stained the granite rather that Azurite.

Azurite and Malachite often form together, and some K-2 stones will have both blue and green spots, and a few of our new ones have that added attraction.

We acquired a large batch of the green spotted stones by special order from Pakistan. Because of a shipping mistake, these stones came to us after a stopover in France, so they truly are world travelers.

K-2, whether Blue or Green, is so highly unusual that it was first thought by many to be a man-made fabrication. It is, however, completely natural, and comes from the Karakoram mountain range separating Pakistan and China, and more specifically from near the base of the second highest mountain (K2) in the world.

K-2 is a must for any collector or lover of beautiful and unusual stones.

Blue Aragonite

Almost impossible to find, we had been out of this wonderful stone for several years.

We found a small supply this past summer, and have listed eight really nice Palm Stones to the store.

Blue Aragonite stones are almost never perfect in nature, and some of these Palms have small natural imperfections.

Perfect or not, these stones are hard to find and even harder to find in a quality that meets our standards. We have only these eight hand-picked pieces, so they probably will not be around for long.

Those are the new additions for now.

We are currently working on 360 new pouches of tumbled stones, including many new varieties, and hope to have them ready to go in the not to distant future.

New Tumbled Stones

We just completed adding tumbled stones in 9 different varieties to the store. All of these stones came from our trip to Tucson last winter.

The new additions include:


This is the first time that we have had Carnelian tumbled. They have great color and come in sets of 15 stones.

Leopardskin Rhyolite/Jasper

Also for the first time we found tumbled Leopardskin. The stones have gorgeous colors and patterns, and the sets of 11 stones each are really really nice.

Tourmalinated Quartz

We had not had these for several years, and were really happy to find them this year. They come in sets of 5, and are very reasonably priced for they quality.

Rutilated Quartz

We had also been out of these for several years (they are very hard to find).

Some of the stones are filled with golden rutiles, and the others with red rutiles.

If you have never seen Rutilated Quartz, these are a must. The sets of 3. 5, and 7 stones represent a nice variety of size and color options.

Pyrite in Quartz

These are maybe the most interesting stones among the new group.

We acquire almost all of our tumbled from a company which is located in South Africa. These stones come from there and one of the brothers who runs the show explained to us that this material looks just like that which comes out of the actual Gold Mines.

The various sets of 5 stones each are gorgeous, unusual, and a great bargain.


Another first for us is beautiful Amazonite stones.

Many of these have nice shimmer and the color is wonderful. We have listed them in 9-stone sets.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace is one of our favorite stones, and it is always hard to find clean material in any size.

We were very fortunate on our trip to find some really nice tumbled in two different size groups.

The stones are classic in appearance, with the smaller stones listed in sets of 7 and the larger ones offered mostly in groups of 3 stones each.

Botswana Agate

We have had Botswana tumbled on the site for many years, but this year we found some incredible stones that are smaller than what we have carried in the past.

We added these beauties in sets of 9 to the existing page, so now you have two options for acquiring, what we think, is one of the most beautiful fortification Agates.

Silver Topaz

We had never seen Silver Topaz tumbled available until this year in Tucaon.

The 9-stone sets are just gorgeous. The stones range from completely clear to ones have small yellow inclusions, and we are really happy to be able to offer them in the store.

And coming next…

We still have about 20 Tumbled Stone varieties to get to, but we are going to change course for a little while.

We recently attended The International New Age Trade Show here in Denver and came home with some wonderful Palm Stones. These include Rainbow Moonstone, Sunstone, Blue Aragonite and Nephrite beauties, and we will be adding these soon.

Most exciting, however, is that we have been sitting on some incredible Iris Agate stones that we acquired two years ago. They are quite difficult to show is photos, but as of today Kathi has added video capability to the website. This feature will greatly enhance our ability to show you some of the most beautiful stones in the world in a new way, and these Iris Agates will be the first test. We cannot wait to get them up and running!

363 New Palm Stones

We have just finished adding 363 new Palm Stones encompassing 20 mineral varieties to the website. This represents the single largest addition of items in Kathi’s Krystals history.

That is the good news. The not so good news is that it took us almost four months to accomplish the task since we got back from Tucson in early February.

I have mentioned previously my “interesting” stay in the hospital last year. What I have not mentioned before is that Kathi suffers from a severe case of Fibromyalgia.

I am responsible for sorting and preparing stones to add to the store, and Kathi handles maintenance of the store including adding all new listings to the site. Because of her condition, on most days she is not able to work on the site, and on the few days when she is able to attend to its requirements, she is able to work for only a short amount of time.

The result of all of this is that we both get things done much more slowly than we did a couple of years ago and we apologize for not getting the goodies to you in a more timely fashion. We also have had no choice but to suspend our ebay sales since the beginning of 2014.

All that said, we remain committed to providing one of the very finest options for acquiring minerals on The Internet. We believe that our breadth and depth of items offered, our obsession with quality of product, our attention to detail, our presentation format, the extras that we provide with each purchase and our unsurpassed customer service result in a one-of-a-kind buying experience for the members of our client family.

Just today I received an email from a new client asking if the stones that she saw in the pictures were the same stones that she would be receiving in her order. We find it sad that a stone lover would even have to ask such a question, but such is the nature of Internet mineral shopping.

Our working principal from day one has been that our clients must have 100% confidence when ordering from us, and that has been the foundation of Kathi’s Krystals’ success for almost eight years now.

We appreciate your patronage and hope to have you with us for many years to come.

Now, on to the new offerings in no particular order:

Ocean Jasper

For those not familiar with the story of Ocean Jasper, it was the rage of the mineral world in the mid- to late 90s. The mine was on the coast of Madagascar, and could be reached only at low tide… hence Ocean Jasper.

Shortly thereafter the deposit was mined out, and only those dealers who had old stock material were able to provide this amazing orbicular Jasper to the market. For years now, there has been only one dealer processing the best of the original rough stone, and it is this dealer from whom we have acquired our amazing OJ tumbled and Palm Stones.

Again this year in Tucson the dealer had incredible Ocean Jasper available, and we purchased every single nice Palm Stone on which we could get our hands. The sad part of the visit was that we were told that they had finally run through all of their rough old stock supply, and this would be our last opportunity to acquire the amazing stones produced by their 70 employees in Madagascar.

We came home with normal sized palm stones as well as extra-large ones, and we have listed the two sizes separately. Many of the larger one have crystal pockets, and one even has a crystal vug that goes all of the way through the stone.

Thank you to Elka and Ida for providing these wonders for us and our friends.


We had been out of stock of this amazing and expensive crystal for a few years, and were happy to find some really nice specimens in Tucson.

We have listed 21 of them, including a couple of yellow and a couple of blue ones, along with the more common lavender color stones. Even better, a few of the crystals have gorgeous rainbow colors hiding inside.

Rainforest Rhyolite

This year was the first time that we have seen these stones available. We put up 32 of them and they are each amazing in their own way.

Rhyolite forms in the flow from volcanoes, and often shows gorgeous colors and patterns. These stones are no exception and represent one of our best bang-for-the-buck offerings.


From Madagascar, these stones comprised of microcrystalline Quartz are beautiful and relatively inexpensive.

Many people are familiar with Blue Chalcedony, but not aware that Chalcedony forms in many colors. The material is very hard and, at least to me, almost looks like some kind of fossil material.


Aside from the amazing Malachite Worry Stones that we have, we haven’t really ever seen any Malachite that was cut into a classic Palm Stone Shape.

That said, we came home with a large bag of gorgeous Malachite specimens that certainly can be considered to be in the Palm Stone category. They have beautiful color and patterns, and are comfortable to hold in the hand.

We added 16 of these new ones to the site, and they are definitely worth a peek. A few of the specimens even show some chatoyance (like Tiger Eye) which is a highly sought after quality in this wonderful material from The Congo.

Peach Moonstone

This is a first for us. These stones are from Madagascar and are just full of shimmer.

A member of the Feldspar family, the stones range from a brownish to pinkish color, and even though the pieces look gorgeous in the photos, the stones are even prettier in person. One has to move the stone around under a light source in order to appreciate its true beauty.


We were running low on these hard to find stones and usually buy them whenever we can find them.

We came home with two different kinds this year.

The smaller ones are higher quality stones with very nice color and very few inclusions.

The larger ones are not as vibrant in color and show more of the Graphite often seen in Emerald marketed in this category, but have very nice shape and feel.

In the end, they are all Emerald stones, and we are thrilled to be able to have them.

Yellow Aventurine

First time ever!

We were really excited to find these in Tucson. They are large soap-shaped stones with beautiful color and a nice translucent quality. There are only 11 so you might want to pick one of these early.


This is the first time that we have had these as well.

We bought a bag of smaller stones and many of the pieces did not have fire in them.

There were 16, however, that have red to red/orange fire and they are listed on the site. As you can see in the photos the stones are not perfectly clean, but they are really special and very unusual.

Green Tourmaline in Quartz

These are probably the coolest stones that came home with us.

One of our favorite dealers from India had a small bin of these amazing specimens. I picked out the 10 best ones that he had, and they are all listed in the store. They are so unusual and pretty that I think we will be taking one down to put in our display case.

The stones are white Quartz with inclusions of sparkling lighter green Tourmaline, as well as inclusions that at first sight look to be black, but are very dark green Tourmaline.

Some of the stones have small natural imperfections, but nothing that takes away from the beauty of these wonders.

The ones listed are all that we have, so you might want to put these at the top of your shopping list.

Black Moonstone

We loaded up with lots of outstanding specimens of this incredible material from Madagascar.

Many folks have never seen Black Moonstone and it is something to behold. All of the 19 new Palms listed have great shimmer or sparkle, and many of them have incredible rainbow colors.

Everything considered, these hand-picked beauties are hard to beat in terms of their light show, and, as with the Peach Moonstones, even nicer in person than in the photos.

Schorl (Black Tourmaline)

Always one of our most popular stones, we added eight new ones to the store. As can easily be seen in the photos, Polished Schorl is almost never completely free of natural striations or other small vugs, but we offer only the cleanest ones that we can find.


We were lucky to find some wonderful new Aragonite stones from Madagascar. They are substantial pieces with beautiful translucence, and many of them have wonderful patterns. We have 17 of these really nice stones in the store.

White Jade

When we found these beautiful large soap-shaped stones in Tucson we were both surprised and thrilled.

We have only 8 of them to put on the site, and I doubt that they will last very long. If you are a Jade lover these are a must have.


This is the first time that we have been able to offer this mineral for sale. It comes from Russia and the stone consists almost entirely of Carbon.


Again from Russia, this incredible mineral seems to get more expensive everyday. We feel fortunate whenever we can find any nice stones that we can afford to offer for reasonable prices. Some of the stones are not as Palmy as we would like, but we have to be a little flexible when acquiring Charoite.

There are 15 new ones that came home with us from Tucson, and we are happy to have them again on the website.

Mexican Turquoise

We were almost out of these wonderful stones, but now have 20 new specimens in the store.

We acquired these from one of the most reputable dealers in the wholesale mineral trade, and we guarantee them to be genuine Turquoise.


Arfvedsonite is one of our most favorite stones, and the website was completely out of stock.

What often happens is that a client will buy one stone and then come back for more once he or she has the privilege to see the mineral up close and personal.

These palm stones are hard to obtain, and we have listed just 7 new ones in the store. They are worth a real hard look.

Yellow Calcite

Always beautiful, we have added 13 nice new offerings to the list, including one that has rainbow colors.

Red Coral

This material is often used for making jewelry, and this was the first time that we have ever found Palm Stones of Red Coral.

The material is very light weight, exhibits very pretty patterns, and glows a beautiful purple under UV light.

That’s covers all of the new Palm Stone listings.

We will now be working on approximately 30 varieties of Tumbled Stones that we gobbled up in Arizona. As always, if you have any questions, comments or requests, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Thanks again to our client family for your wonderful support of our efforts.

Tucson Coming Attractions

Kathi and I were happy to be able to make it to Tucson this year after missing out last year due to my severe illness. We were on the road for 12 days this time, and came home with lots of wonderful treasures.

Many things about Tucson are usually a crapshoot, and this year was no different.

Due to the long ongoing strike/slowdown at the docks in Los Angeles, many dealers’ containers arrived later than expected, so we did not get to see everything that we would have hoped to, but it still was a hectic, sometimes chaotic, and tiring but rewarding experience.

Among the things that we will be listing from our Tucson trip are…


We have mentioned for years the one Madagascar dealer who has had a large supply of very old stock Ocean Jasper. She has finally processed about all of the material, and told us that this year would be the last when they would have their normally incredibly high quality items made from this amazing mineral that was the rage of the mineral world in the mid- to late 90s until the mine was depleted.

We came home with over 100 incredible palm stones and are eager to get them sorted, priced, and listed in the store.

From this same dealer we also got a small number of gorgeous Red Hematoid Quartz Pebbles, some beautiful soap shaped Chalcedony stones in many different colors, and more of the ever popular Black Moonstone Palms.

From a different dealer from Madagascar we acquired some amazing Peach Moonston Palm Stones with tons and tons of shimmer. This gentleman also provided us with a few Kilos of very nice Aragonite stones, most of which are translucent in nature.

Other new Palm Stones include Rainforest Rhyolite, Garnet, Yellow Aventurine and White Jade soap shaped stones, and 10 amazing White Quartz stones with Green Tourmaline inclusions.

For the first time we got a bag full of Malachite stones that are as close to Palms as we have been able to find in 8 years.

Shungite for the first time….

…and we upped our stock of Emerald and Crazy Lace stones.

Tumbled Stones

We came home with a large list of incredible tumbled stones, including:

Dumortierite, Ruby Zoisite, Hematite, Pink Tourmaline in a Lepidolite Matrix, Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian, Golden Feldspar, Rhodonite,

Crazy Lace Agate, K2 Stone with both Azurite and Malachite spots, Botswana Agate, Petrified Wood, Blue Chalcedony, incredible Tourmalinated and Rutilated Quartz, Blue Topaz and Silver Topaz, Charoite, Turritella Agate,

Amazing Pyrite in Quartz, Dendritic Agate, Tree Agate, Mugglestone (Tiger Jasper), beautiful dark Citrine, and absolutely outstanding Leopardskin Rhyolite.


Ocean Jasper beauties from the same dealer mentioned above, both Peach and Black Moonstone with great shimmer, and Smokey Quartz for the first time.

Worry Stones

As mentioned in my previous post, we have already listed our amazing new Arfvedsonite Worry Stones and some nice new Multi Tiger Eyes.  We also came home with some gorgeous Golden Tiger Eye and Red Tiger Eye Worries.

We will be working over the next few months to get these treasures up on the site. In the meantime, if you have a particular interest in anything that I have mentioned, please don’t hesitate to ask for more information or some photos.

New Worry Stones

We have just added 75 new Worry Stones to the listings.


Maybe the most exciting of these are 10 Arfvedsonite Worry Stones. We had never seen these before and were really surprised when we found them at this year’s just ended Tucson show.

These stones from Russia have gorgeous needle-like flash and are often mistakenly thought to be Astrophyllite or sold as Blue Astrophyllite.

We were one of the first sellers to correctly market this mineral to the public in the form of Palm Stones, and now we are thrilled to have Worries as well.


Our listings of these amazing stones had become quite sparse, and we just added 20 new stones to the site..

As far as we know, we are the only seller in the country offering these incredible Worry Stones, and our original supply of 150 is now down to less than one-third of that number.

I had to use my backup camera for these additions because my tried and true Nikon SLR is in California getting repaired for the third time (I have taken well over 200,000 photos with it). The backup’s flash made the pictures of the stones in my hand come out too reflective, primarily because the stones have such a high polish.

Brecciated Jasper

These are always very popular, and now there are more from which to choose.


It is surprisingly hard to find nice Carnelian Worry Stones, and we are glad to be able to offer some nice new specimens.

Rainbow Fluorite

We were down to just a couple of these left in the store, and just added 17 new ones.

The gallery pictures of these stones were taken with the stone on a light box because that gives the most accurate representation of what the stone looks like when you hold it up and look at light coming through it. The other pictures that look darker were taken with a flash with the stone sitting on a piece of white card stock.

We were disappointed that the dealer from whom we get these stones did not have his usual quality available in Tucson this year, and our supply of the super ones is running low.

Multi-Tiger Eye

This variety is among the most difficult for us to find, and even harder to find in high quality pieces.

All of the ones that we just added are very beautiful.

Red Tiger Eye

The new stones have very nice color and a whole lot of chatoyance.


As I always say, these stones are sodelightful.

The new ones have nice color and pattern, and are very affordable for the quality.

New Tumbled Stones

We just got back from Tucson 2015, and we are in rock chaos as usual after getting back from the show, with boxes and bags of stones everywhere.

Before adding these amazing brand new stones, we are catching up on getting the website restocked with some old favorites, and adding some new items from earlier shows here in Denver. It is almost impossible to keep up with it all.

I will be writing a “Coming Attractions” post soon about all of the beautiful treasures that came home with us from Arizona.

We have just added the following tumbled stones to the site:


The store had been out of this gorgeous and very popular mineral. We have added 6 new groups of stones.


The site had also run out of these amazing stones. We added more selections, but they seem to sell almost as soon as we list them. We did come home with lots more, so they will always be here for the asking.


From Peru, this incredible blue mineral is hard to get (we had to get on a waiting list the last time that we purchased these).

The new selections include one stone that has a large Pyrite inclusion.


A while back, we were lucky to acquire some gorgeous smaller tumbled flat stones in a few varieties. Sardonyx was one of these and we have added several groups of 5 of these pretty stones from India.


Also among these smaller flat stones are some just gorgeous specimens of Fluorite. We have them in sets of Green, Blue, Rainbow, and Mixed colors. These are a must see.


The final variety that we have in these flat stones is Apatite. They have a very nice color and are listed toward the bottom of the Apatite page so be sure to look for them.


For the first time we have tumbled Stilbite.

These stones are just amazing with great shimmer. There are 13 groups of them for your choosing.


This Russian material that seems to get more expensive everyday is one of our favorites.

We have added 4 new groups to list list of options.

Pink Morganite

We have restocked this very difficult to get beautiful pink crystal.


We almost never carry tumbled Lapis because the quality is usually quite poor.

We have listed 3 sets of beautiful hand polished stones and have priced them at just a little bit over what we paid for them because they were so expensive.


Always a favorite, we have restocked sets of 15 of these gorgeous purple wonders.


We have added some sets of somewhat larger stones to the list of offerings.

Ruby Fuchsite

We buy our RF from the dealer who has superior quality compared to all of his competitors. These stones have real Ruby inclusions that glow an amazing bright red under UV light. We still have a lot in inventory, but out understanding is that the Ruby Fuchsite mine in India has been depleted.

Watch for updates soon about new additions and coming attractions.

October 2014 New Palm Stones

We just added some great new Palm Stone listings.

K2 Stone

The most exciting of the new additions are our K2 Palm Stones. Named after the second highest mountain in the world, the deposit of this mineral is located near the base of K2.

Kathi made a few gorgeous pendants using some K2 cabs that we bought last year, but this fall was the first time that we have seen K2 Palm Stones.

The mineral consists of a Granite matrix with scattered spots of Blue Azurite. These spots are actually stains in the stone rather than inclusions, and this unusual characteristic helps to make this material both incredible as well as beautiful. It is not to be missed.

Montana Agate

Montana Agate is known for having dendrites and other unusual inclusions, and these stones show a nice variety of what can be found in this beautiful material.


We don’t have many of these beauties left, and added 5 more to the selection. These are on our list of Palms that we worry about not being able to find again in this shape and quality.

Black Lace Obsidian

From Russia, these stones must be seen to be believed. Lying in a flat on the dealer’s table these stones look rather unassuming, and most buyers just walk on by. The trick is to hold them up so that the light shines through and that is when the magic happens. We get to pick the best of the best because so few buyers are aware of the hidden beauty.



We had been out of these hard to get stones for quite awhile, and were thrilled to find them this fall in Denver.

If you have never seen a piece of nice Scolecite, it is a stone that should go on your wish list.

The best specimens have a beautiful shimmer that is very unique in nature. We don’t see these often and listed each one that we hand-picked.


We expanded out selection of this wonderful Jade material. These stones are very reasonably priced and we don’t have many of the nicely translucent ones remaining.

Mozambique Agate

Always very unique, Mozambique Agate is a perpetual surprise.

The specimens that we just added are far different from the ones that we have had in the past, and don’t tell anyone, but we just acquired 100 more pieces that are different still, and will be listing them as soon as we can.


One of the biggest surprises over the last few years has been the limited availability of nice Amethyst stones.

Our supply had dwindled to almost nothing, and we were very happy to find a small selection of very nice Palm Stones this fall.

The new additions have great color and are very clean. We didn’t bring home a big supply, and have listed about half of them for now. These probably will not last long.

July’s New Additions

Hi again.

We have just added over 100 new Palm Stones in 14 varieties:


It is getting harder and harder to acquire clean Labradorite stones with nice flash, and our selection had become pretty thin. The 14 new additions have very bright color and we have listed them with very reasonable prices considering the current state of the market.


As with all of our Palm Stones, these 6 new additions were hand selected by Kathi and myself.

 Fossil Stone (Shell Jasper)

The supplier from whom we used to get these very unusual stones stopped selling them because the material requires too much hand polishing. We still had some in inventory but our supply is running low. The 10 new beauties are worth a serious look.


Always one of our most popular items. These are among the most difficult stones for us to select because Selenite is so soft the we have to look through 100 stones just to find a few that do not have scratches or rough spots. The 4 new ones, as always, are as clean as we can find.


From Russia with love, the 5 new specimens of this highly prized stone all have great chatoyance.

  Blue Tigereye

We had been sold out of these hard to get stones. The 9 new additions are beautiful examples of this gorgeous stone that is also referred to as Hawk Eye.


This variety of Tigereye has a combination of both the Gold and Blue versions, and is one of our favorite stones. The 11 new selections are all beautiful.

Red Tigereye

Although heat treated, this variant of Tigereye is just stunning.


We love the different shades of blue and the gorgeous patterns in these stones.

Rose Quartz

Always a favorite.

Green Aventurine

These soap shaped stones are hard to get. The 4 new ones represent our entire stock.


We were really fortunate to find these a few years back, and the 5 new additions leave us with only a few left in the bin. These are an absolute must for any collector or practitioner.

Pink Calcite

Also known as Manganoan Calcite, this beautiful stone glows incredibly brightly under ultraviolet light. The orange/red/purple colors are just amazing.


We always seem to run low on these, so the 7 new ones bring us back to having a nice selection.

We Are Back!

Hi to everyone.

Those of you who follow Kathi’s and my doings probably have been wondering why I disappeared from this Blog.

Here is why:

On the day before New Year’s Eve I was struck down with a completely obstructed intestine. I ended up spending the entire month of January in our local hospital where I underwent 3 surgeries and survived a massive infection.

Kathi was there with me virtually 24/7, and watched over me like a hawk. Many patients who wind up suffering with what I did never make it home. I am one lucky person, and without Kathi’s loving care and attention during the ordeal, I may not have made it home either.

Anyway, This experience has completely wiped out both of us. I have a long recovery ahead (I lost 30 pounds that I could not afford to lose) and Kathi is still recovering from the stress of the entire ordeal.

From a rock standpoint, the saddest thing is that we had to cancel our trip to the Tucson Show, and that was heartbreaking for us.

We have, however, kept selling.. Strangely, we have experienced more business in the last two months than at any time in our history; so much so that we have barely been able to keep up with it.

The downside of that is that many stone varieties on the website are running low or showing as none available, and we have not yet had the ability to be replenishing all of this stock.

We expect to start the task of adding hundreds of stones to the website fairly soon, but we will be moving fairly slowly as we both continue through the recovery process.

In the meantime, if you are trying to buy a stone variety that is showing as either unavailable or in very limited supply on the website, the chances are very high that we have more in inventory.  If you send an email I will be happy to photograph some specimens for your consideration.

Finally, to all of our clients/friends who have been aware of what Kathi and I have been going through and have offered amazing support and understanding, we offer our sincere thanks. Your kind words, patience with order deliveries, and overall encouragement have shown us, once again, that rock people are very special people.