We have just finished adding 309 new Worry Stones to the webstore! We now have 38 varieties of Worry Stones which is, well, just crazy.

These new stones cover 22 mineral varieties, and fully one/half of these are varieties that we have never had before.

It took loading almost 2,000 photographs to do these Worry Stones justice, and we are thrilled to have these new beauties up and running for your enjoyment and consideration.

Starting with the 11 types of Worry Stones that are new for us, we have:


These have to be the most exciting of the bunch.

One of the most thrilling finds in Tucson 2019! We had never before seen Worry Stones made of Amber.

These Worry Stones were produced from Amber that formed during the Eocene period in what is now Indonesia. The Eocene period occurred from approximately 60 million to 40 million years ago!

We hand selected each one of these amazing stones.

This Amber is quite different from that with which most people are familiar. The material has a relatively dark appearance when just sitting in one’s hand, but when a bright light is placed behind the stones they show just gorgeous colors and patterns.

I use a small very bright flashlight when showing them to clients here in the shop, and our visitors are just amazed by the show.

The stones are very light and have a great polish… so much so that they feel almost slippery. I was very grateful to not drop one of them while taking the pictures out in the sunlight.

It is hard to imagine how this Amber, which formed tens of millions of years ago, found its way to our shop in the form of these amazing Worry Stones.

We hope that you enjoy looking at these beauties, and if you happen to select one we are sure that it will be a piece that you will look at and admire for many years to come.

p.s. Just as a tease, we also acquired Palm Stones made from this same Amber and will be listing them as soon as we can. Please just ask if you would like to see a selection of those.

Egyptian Zebra Jasper

We found these stones for the first time this summer in Denver.

Never having heard of Egyptian Zebra Jasper, we were amazed to find these incredible Worry Stones. They have a great polish, wonderful feel and beautiful patterns.

These are an absolute MUST!

We are hoping to see more of this material in different forms in the coming years..

Green Moss Agate

Another first for us this summer are these Green Moss Agate Worry Stones.

They are just loaded with beautiful moss and have great color, patterns and translucence.

Chevron Amethyst

These are a great new addition to our Worry Stone collection.

We found these for the first time this summer here in Denver.

These stones have beautiful patterns, and if you hold them in front of a bright light or flashlight they display very pretty purple translucence.

Dalmatian Jasper

First time for us are these awesome Dalmatian Jasper Worry Stones.

These all have a great polish and feel.

Just a suggestion here… If you happen to know a firefighter, he or she might just love to have one of these gorgeous stones to carry around considering that it is really hard to get a big dog into one’s pocket.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate is one of the most popular Agates, yet we have never found nice Worry Stones of this material until this summer.

These stones are from Mexico and we do not have many.

K-2 (Ketonite)

We have not had K-2 (Ketonite) Worry Stones in the store ever before.

These come from Pakistan, from near the base of the 2nd highest mountain (K2) in the world.

The blue spots are Azurite, and if there is green in a stone that is Malachite and is much less common among K-2 stones.

Stone number 5 is particularly fascinating because the Malachite markings appear to be rings rather than spots. We have never seen this before in a K-2 stone.


Another first-timer.

One of the coolest things about these stones is that in front of a bright light or flashlight they have beautiful translucence.

Smoky Quartz

These are all good sized and have that classic Worry Stone shape.

Green Aventurine

Although a fairly common variety, we had never before found Green Aventurine Worry Stones.

The Aventurine has a very nice feel and the stones have pretty translucence in front of a bright light.

Blue Goldstone

We have had Goldstone in the past, but never the oxymoronic Blue Goldstone

Goldstone is a man-made item. In theory the technique for making this glass-based “stone” was developed by the Monks in the 1600s.


Now, the great new additions to existing categories:


It has become almost impossible to find Amethyst Worry Stones and Palm Stones, and the price of all Amethyst has gone way up.

We found these at a show here in Denver this summer.

Most of these Worry Stones have a very small natural imperfection or two, but these are the nicest of the bunch (we are keeping the rest of them here for sale at the shop).

We made sure that the thumb surface is nice and comfortable with all of the ones listed.


Seven very nice new listings. These are really good quality pieces.

Blue Tiger Eye

We added lots of wonderful new Blue Tigers. These are larger and with the classic Worry Stone shape, and have great chatoyance.


There are now 16 new listings of this extremely popular stone. Many of these have very unusual patterns and/or colors.. there are even a couple of gray ones which we have not seen before.


More than 10 new listings of beautiful darker blue Worry Stones. As I say on the website… these are just sodaliteful!

Clear Quartz

These pretty much speak for themselves.

Red Tiger Eye

10+ new additions with wonderful chatoyance.

Rose Quartz

Many new listings, and the last five on the page are really special. They are larger with beautiful color, and have that great classic Worry Stone Shape.


It is always hard to find Unakite Worries with a great polish. We have added eight new wonderful stones.

Multi-Tiger Eye

We now have a dozen new listings, and not only are they all that great 2 inch by 1.6 inch size, they are simply gorgeous!


There are 14 new additions on the page. All of these new ones have that same great 2 inch by 1.6 inch size.

If you are ever craving frustration, spend an afternoon photographing Goldstone and you will get your fill.


That’s it for now. We hope that you enjoy looking at many of the new Worry Stones, and find some that you just cannot live without.