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Welcome to Kathi’s Krystals!

Our home-based shop is open for visitors. We have literally tons of material in the shop that is not here on the website, including lots of varieties of both rough and polished stones. If you live locally or are visiting the Boulder area we would love to see you!

4636 Almond Lane,
Boulder, CO 80301
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Check out our new listings for AAA Charoite Massage Wands and Pyrite Spheres!

We’ve also added some new Palm Stones including Ruby, Malachite, Emerald, Jet, Green Moss Agate , Ametrine, Shungite with Pyrite, Yellow Hematoid Quartz and Hematite with Jasper!

Ruby Palm Stone

Ruby Soap-Shaped Palm Stone #9

Ametrine Palm Stone

Ametrine Palm Stone #21

Pyrite Sphere

Pyrite Sphere #7

Large Soap-Shaped Hematite with Jasper

Large Soap-Shaped Hematite and Jasper Palm Stone #8

AAA Grade Charoite Massage Wand

AAA Grade Charoite Massage Wand #4

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