Moldavite is what is know as a Tektite.

A Tektite is formed when a meteorite impacts the Earth and molten material is ejected into the air. This material then cools and forms a glassy type material.

It is believed that the meteorite impact that caused the formation of Moldavite occurred approximately 15 million years ago. Moldavite is one of the most sought after Tektites and almost all of it has been found in the Czech Republic.

All of our pieces were obtained directly from an individual who mines the material in that location. This is very important because, unfortunately, there is a lot of fake Moldavite being offered in the marketplace, especially on major online platforms.

Moldavite number 10 below is quite unusual because the miner was keeping it in his Moldavite safe for the purpose of someday using it to cut cabochons for jewelry.

He finally got to the point where he had a safe full of Moldavite and realized that he was never going to get around to making cabs out of all of the pieces.

In Tucson he was selling off some of these saved specimens including number 10. It is more lumpy in nature and somewhat smoother than most pieces.

One final note: We have decided to no longer identify pieces as musesum grade vs. regular grade. The differentiation between grades in the wholesale market has become somewhat arbitrary and can be misleading in terms of the technical definition of the two grades.

All of the specimens listed below were hand picked for appearance and quality, and represent the best of our entire Moldavite inventory.

From somewhere in the universe to the Czech Republic to Tucson to us to you.

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