Worry Stones - Thumb Stones

Worry Stones, sometimes called Thumb Stones, are one of our most popular items.

By definition, Worry Stones are carved into a very specific shape which feels very comfortable and pleasing in the hand. Each stone is concave on the front side and convex on the back side.

A person generally holds a Worry Stone with his or her thumb comfortably nestled in the depression on the front side of the stone, and many will rub the thumb back and forth because the stone just seems to ask for that kind of attention. Such handling of the stone seems to help reduce worries and anxiety for Worry Stone lovers.

Our Worry Stones are far different from those most often found in the marketplace.

Worry Stones are often treated as the red-headed stepchildren of the mineral world by many of those who manufacture the stones.

They use the worst of their raw material to produce the stones, and Worry Stones like these are often found sitting in a basket in tourist-type rock stores and selling for maybe three dollars apiece.

All of our Worry Stones are hand-selected, and made from very high quality material. They have a great polish and wonderful hand-feel. We pride ourselves in being able to offer almost 40 different varieties of Worry Stones, and are always looking to increase the breadth and depth of our selections.