Ocean Jasper

For those not familiar with the story of Ocean Jasper, it was the rage of the mineral world in the late 90s through the early 2000s. The original mine was on the coast of Madagascar, and could be reached only at low tideā€¦ hence Ocean Jasper.

Eventually a few other mines were discovered, but by around 2006 all of the mines were mined out and only those dealers who had old stock material were able to provide this amazing orbicular Jasper to the market.

For years there was only one dealer processing the best of the original rough stone, and it is this dealer from whom we acquired our amazing OJ Tumbled and Palm Stones.

Again in 2015 in Tucson the dealer had incredible Ocean Jasper available, and we purchased every single nice Palm Stone on which we could get our hands.

The sad part of the visit was that we were told that they had finally run through all of their rough old stock supply, and this would be our last opportunity to acquire the amazing stones produced by their over 100 employees in Madagascar.

Thank you to Elka and Ida for providing these wonders for us and our friends.

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