Handcrafted Jewelry

Thanks for looking at our handcrafted jewelry.

Each creation’s stone is hand-selected by Kathi and her husband, Jack. Kathi then creates a wire wrap setting for the stone that is designed to, as best as possible, enhance the inherent beauty of the stone. Kathi believes that the stone is the art, and that her task is to create a beautiful and harmonious frame for that art.

Each stone is wrapped in Argentium Silver. Argentium is a more expensive form of silver as compared to regular Sterling Silver that is used in most jewelry. This special alloy contains an additional element, the name of which is Germanium. The Germanium in Argentium causes the silver to be much more resistant to tarnishing than is regular Sterling Silver.

After each piece is created, it undergoes very important finishing procedures to further enhance the Argentium’s tarnish resistance, substantially increase the hardness and durability of the silver, and produce an incredible polish.

Two measurements are provided for each pendant. The first is the length of the piece from the top of the bail to the bottom of the setting. The second is the width of the creation as it would normally hang. These measurements are obtained using electronic digital calipers, and reflect very small rounding in most cases.

We hope that you enjoy looking at Kathi’s special creations, and guarantee that you will not find higher quality similar pieces anywhere.