Rainbow Obsidian Soap-Shaped Palm Stones

The stones listed on this page were all hand selected in Tucson in 2019.

We had never before seen high quality Rainbow Obsidian carved into large soap-shaped Palm Stones like these beauties.

I (Jack) want to say something about the colors that you see shown in both the still and video photography of these specimens.

It is almost impossible to photograph these (or almost any) Rainbow Obsidian pieces completely accurately in terms of both the color and the intensity of that color that you will see if you are so fortunate as to acquire one of these stones.

The still photos were taken using my trusty Nikon Digital SLR with the stone sitting very close under a very bright daylight spectrum (5000K) LED bulb. This process makes the colors in the Obsidian really pop.

The videos were taken with the stone somewhat farther away from a 5000K bulb using an Olympus Tough 6 camera.

The result, I believe, is that the still photos somewhat overstate what you can expect to see if looking at one of these stones in person, and the videos somewhat understate what you can expect to see if looking at one of these pieces at home.

Also, in some cases the colors in the still photos appear to be somewhat different from the colors in the videos. In those instances I think that the best interpretation is that the color that you see will likely be somewhere in between what is seen in the still and the video presentations.

Very importantly, depending upon what temperature (color of light) you use to look at any of these stones, the color will vary depending upon the specifics of that light source.

As with virtually all Rainbow Obsidian, these stones do their best work under a very bright and somewhat point source of light. By that I mean not a diffused light such as an overhead fluorescent fixture or most other ceiling lights other than possibly a quite bright downlight or task light that might be found in a work area.

In general, the closer to the light the better.

So, what this all adds up to is that the colors that you see in person in these stones may very somewhat from what you see here in the listings, but the variance should be small.

These are all beautiful examples of Rainbow Obsidian from Jalisco, Mexico. They were produced by our friend Alfredo from whom we also source our beautiful Silver Sheen, Spider, Mahogany amd Velvet Obsidian Palm Stones.

We hope that you enjoy looking at these wonderful pieces, and please be sure to watch the videos.


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