One of the most thrilling finds in Tucson 2019! We had never before seen Worry Stones made of Amber.

These Worry Stones were produced from Amber that formed during the Eocene period in what is now Indonesia. The Eocene period occurred from approximately 60 million to 40 million years ago!

We hand selected each one of these amazing stones.

This Amber is quite different from that with which most people are familiar. The material has a relatively dark appearance when just sitting in one’s hand, but when a bright light is placed behind the stones they show just gorgeous colors and patterns. I use a small very bright flashlight when showing them to clients here in the shop, and our visitors are just amazed by the show.

The stones are very light and have a great polish… so much so that they feel almost slippery. I was very grateful to not drop one of them while taking the pictures out in the sunlight.

It is hard to imagine how this Amber, which formed tens of millions of years ago, found its way to our shop in the form of these amazing Worry Stones.

We hope that you enjoy looking at these beauties, and if you happen to select one we are sure that it will be a piece that you will look at and admire for many years to come.

p.s. Just as a tease, we also acquired Palm Stones made from this same Amber and will be listing them as soon as we can. Please just ask if you would like to see a selection of those.


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