Citrine (Heat-treated Amethyst)

The vast amount of Citrine on the market is actually heat treated Amethyst, and that is what these stones are.

Very light colored Amethyst is heated to around 900 degrees Fahrenheit and the stone turns to a beautiful yellow/orang color. The stone has the same molecular structure of Natural Citrine (Silicon Dioxide – SiO2), and is clearly no longer Amethyst due to the color change. So, it is marketed as Citrine and there are varying opinions about the practice.

As long as one knows the reality of the stones, we don’t have a problem offering this variety of “Citrine” because the stones are really beautiful and it provides those not able to afford natural Citrine (which is much more expensive) the opportuity to acquire this beautiful variety of Quartz.

All that said, these stones are not the typical tumbled heat-treated Citrine. They are exceptionally high quality with almost none of the typical white material seen in most of this form of the mineral.


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