Big thanks to our good buddy Mark for providing us with these incredibly amazing pieces.

These specimens are slabs of Olivine from Oregon.

Olivine is found in some Meteorites and occurs naturally in the earth, and offers two fantastic bonuses for any rock lover.

First, the transparent gemmy green material in the stone is PERIDOT! It is easy to see the Peridot in the pictures that I (Jack) took holding the pieces up to the sky just off of the sun, and in the photos with the white background with the stone placed on our light table.

Second, the slabs contain MAGNETITE and are magnetic! Our small refrigerator magnets will pick up the smaller slabs.

These slabs have a matte finish and are cut thin to give the best showing of the Peridot treasure inside.

As of this writing (6/20) I have not been able to find anyone online offering Olivine material prepared in this manner. This may not be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it might be close.

Kathi and I hope that you enjoy looking at these wonders.

p.s. I cannot help but imagine what these slabs would look like if incorporated into a Tiffany-style lamp shade… any stained glass artists out there?

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