Blue Lace Agate

Yippee! Hooray! Finally!

After 9 years of searching, we again found the most incredible Blue Lace Agate Palm Stones, and again from the same dealer from whom we acquired our original batch in 2008.

We had run out of the best ones about a year or so ago, and the listings through number 23 were the last of that bunch and, even though very nice stones, have very minor natural imperfections unlike the new treasures.

These new stones are AA grade, and definitely about as nice as we could ever hope to see. They were my (Jack) first find at the 2017 Tucson show, and I grabbed 11 pounds of them!

These 32 new additions start at number 24 and are on the orange colored background in the photos. If it looks like some of the orange color is coming through some of the stones, that is because those are the more translucent ones of the bunch.

These are definitely jewelry grade material, and we are so happy to finally have them again.

We guarantee that these new Palm Stones will be even nicer than exected upon arrival at your home, and that you will love them.


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