Pietersite is described as a chaotic mixture of different colors of Tiger Eye along with other material. It is a highly sought-after and rare stone, and top quality material can be absolutely stunning.

Pietersite was at the top of my (Jack) list heading to Tucson in 2017. I looked for it everywhere to no avail, and had just about given up hope for another year.

Then, with just a couple of days to go, I ran into the owners of the only active Pietersite mine in the world. The mine is in Namibia in Africa, and the material from this deposit is the nicest Pietersite that we have ever seen.

The dealer did not have any true Palm Stones, but did have many bags of absolutely gorgeous tumbled stones, ranging in size from small to extra-large. I quickly realized that the best of the extra-large stones could serve very well as Palm Stones for the website.

I purchased three kilograms of the biggest guys, which came out to be over 300 stones. I already wish that I had purchased much more given the reactions to them by our clients here at the shop.

We picked out some of the very best pieces to list here, and are thrilled for the opportunity to do so.

One final note:  Many of these pieces, especially the flatter ones, would make beautiful pendants for anyone who is into wrapping stones. Many of our clients who have been purchasing these directly have been doing so for just that purpose.

We hope that you enjoy looking at these beautiful mineral specimens.


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