Iris Agate


Iris Agate is a highly prized and very unique type of Agate.

The stone consists (partly to entirely) of what is known as a diffraction grating. When light passes through the diffraction grating the result is very much like that of a prism, although technically different.

The diffraction grating will often show very thin (or wider) distinct lines of color, and these colors will change as one moves the stone around in front of a bright light source (the Agate is held between the viewer and the light source, such that the light is coming through the stone toward the viewer).

The key when looking at a piece of Iris Agate is to not hold the stone in front of the light source, but slightly below but still in front of the light. Then move the stone slowly up and down and you will see the amazing color display.

This approach is clearly seen in the videos that we have included along with our regular still photos.

We have also included on this page the only large Iris Agate slab that we have. It is close to indescribable in its beauty, and we hope that you enjoy watching its video.

We were amazingly fortunate to obtain these specimens, and our thanks go to our buddy Mark for this opportunity.


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