Rainbow Fluorite

One of our least favorite tasks is picking out Fluorite stones. Fluorite is so prone to fractures and chips that finding nice clean stones is what seems like an endless task.

We may look through 50 or 100 stones and find one or two that meet our quality standards. Consequently, we normally do not have very many in our inventory.

We were unbelievably fortunate to find a dealer in Tucson who had incredible pieces. Not only did his stones have great patterns and color, but each one was individually wrapped in a package of 35 stones. We do not normally buy stones that we cannot physically examine, but we decided to take a chance.

We couldn’t believe it when we opened the stones back at the hotel. They are the nicest and cleanest Fluorite that we have ever seen!

We were so impressed with them that, on our way out of town the next day and already three days late getting home due a blizzard, we made a detour and bought another whole package of them.


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