Well, Derek took me to Tucson again this winter and we came home with some amazing mineral specimens. I am still sorting and processing these, but Kathi and I did finally find the time to put up some wonderful stones that we acquired in Denver last year.

The new additions cover five varieties of simply beautiful Palm Stones, including some minerals that are very hard to come by.

Bumble Bee Jasper

We had to sneak into a wholesale show three days early in order to acquire these amazing soap shaped stones from Indonesia. If we had waited until the show officially opened they would have been gone.

These are the nicest Bumble Bee Palm Stones that we have seen. The colors, patterns, polish and workmanship are simply outstanding. We got the best of the best that the dealer had to offer, and now we have them available to our online Kathi’s Krystals family.


We had been out of Eudialyte stones for years, and were thrilled to find these incredible Russian specimens last fall.

The color in these beauties is just awesome, and a few of the stones have wonderful shimmer.

We never know when or if we will run across this rare and amazing stone, so my advice is to get while the getting is good.

Blue Aragonite

We had been out of these hard to find Palm Stones for years as well.

I picked out over 100 of these last summer, and pulled the best pieces to add to the website. The Stones have beautiful translucence, and they are the cleanest Blue Aragonite pieces that we have ever had.


Also known as Pinolith, this mineral comes only from Austria, and displays a rare mixture of Dolomite, Graphite and Magnesite. The small white flecks in the grey/black matrix look like pine kernels or little seeds, and the literal translation of Pinolite means “pine stone”.

These are fascinating, affordable, and a must for any rock lover.

Snowflake Obsidian

Surprisingly, we have never before had Snowflake Obsidian Palm Stones in the store.

All of the new soap shaped stones have a wonderful polish and and all of that wonderful snow against the jet black background.


That’s it for now. We will wading our way through all of the new Tucson wonders and promise to have some great surprises for you in the weeks and months ahead.