We have not had Rhodochrosite display pieces for a few years, simply because the cost is so high.

Our perspective on the stone has changed completely, however, due to the following:

It is not uncommon for mineral deposits to have trace amounts of Gold and Silver. As the prices of Gold and Silver have skyrocketed, many of these mines are being bought up by precious metals mining companies. This is the case regarding the one Rhodochrosite mine which has always produced the highest quality material.

The plan is to convert the Rhodo mine into precious metals production. In the process, believe it or not, the Rhodochrosite producing ore will be cast aside. It is very likely that in a few years, other than for dealers who have an existing stock of material, good Rhodochrosite will disappear from the market.

At the recent Denver fall show, we purchased a sphere for ourselves, and these beautiful display pieces. If you have been wanting a nice Rhodochrosite specimen, there will probably never be a better time than now to make that happen.


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