Velvet Obsidian

These incredible stones are a variation of Obsidian that is similar to Rainbow Obsidian, but still very different.

Velvet Obsidian (also called Seafoam and Peacock Obsidian) shows gorgeous color under bright light, but the color is somewhat mottled such that one can actually see into the glass.

When the stone is moved under the light one gets the sense of movement in the stone as the light plays into and off of these lighter and darker areas of color.

Another difference is that many of the stones exhibit color even when not under the bright light, although nothing like when they are.

In our showroom with use 60 watt equivalent LED daylight spectrum bulbs for viewing these stones and they work great.

NOTE: Any white spots that you see in the photos are bubbles in the Obsidian. The stones are perfectly smooth with perfect reflection. One cannot feel the white spots.


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