Tiger Iron

Classic Tiger Iron consists of Hematite, Golden Tiger Eye and Red Jasper.

More and more frequently, however, we see Tiger Iron in the marketplace that has Brown Jasper rather than Red Jasper. This material is still considered to be Tiger Iron, and that is what some of these stone are.

Hematite is almost impossible to photograph well, and it is especially difficult in these beautifully carved pieces because of the other colors in the stones.

Please be assured that there is much more Hematite in these stones than appears to be the case in the photos, and the stones themselves are just gorgeous. These are all that we have (they are very hard to find), and we guarantee that you will be surprised and very happy if you order one of these unusual and wonderfully polished stones.

Update 2020:  We learned in Tucson this year why we have not been able to find classic Tiger Iron anywhere for years. An individual from India purchased the mine and is not allowing anyone to extract the mineral. One can only wonder why.

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